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November 26, 2021

Fabio Fognini

Lorenzo Musetti

Filippo Volandri

Team Italy

Press Conference


7-6, 6-2

Italy - 2

USA - 1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Your first experience in this competition, particularly in the singles, the perfect start. How do you reflect on that?

FILIPPO VOLANDRI: Yeah, was the first time for many sides. First time for me, first time for Sonego, first time for Sinner, first time for Lorenzo, first time for this couple. With a lot of first time, but we are really, really happy.

We work hard in the last days. We had to manage with problems, but we solve as a team, as a family. That's why today we had this kind of result obviously starting from far.

We are really, really happy, of course.

Q. There's been so much talk about the expectation on this team. Now you've delivered a victory today. Can you talk us through what sort of measures you've taken to control that pressure and bring this group together, because it's a new group.

FILIPPO VOLANDRI: Obviously I'm not alone. I have a big team on my back. We have psychologists, we have the coaches, which is quite new for Italian team. We share a lot of information. They help me to do my job. They work hard every day with them. I want to include them in the team.

I think the cooperation is not a secret, but it's the thing who help me a lot.

Q. Fabio, as the veteran in this team, what changes has Filippo made? How do you feel about the team?

FABIO FOGNINI: Well, of course first of all I'm happy that he make the first step into the group today as we won. The captain spoke with us after the second match, after Sinner win very, very, very good singles. He say to me, Okay, let's play with him because is the first time. Everybody should know the first time, it's really difficult.

I am happy that I'm old and he's the young one (laughter).

FILIPPO VOLANDRI: I'm older (smiling).

FABIO FOGNINI: He's older (smiling).

He make the debut today. Even if we lost, I think was really good match. I mean, especially the first set, we lost the first set with two points. Also the second, we lost 6-2, but we have four or five breakpoints.

I'm happy. I mean, I'm in the new generation, inside the new generation, even if Matteo is not here. I think for the future we have really good, young team. Hopefully I would be part with them before say good-bye.

Q. Lorenzo, maybe not the result you wanted today, but how did you enjoy your time on court? How has the week been?

LORENZO MUSETTI: Yeah, I mean, I have to thanks for sure Filippo and Fabio who trust me, who gave me the opportunity to play, to play here in Italy, in Turin. It's a special debut for me.

Yeah, first match is not easy. But I think, as Fabio said, we played a great match. Yeah, we had a lot of chances. Unfortunately we didn't take them all.

For sure I would like to play more with Fabio because we enjoy so much. We have a good communication inside the court and outside. I really enjoy. I'm really happy that today we took the win.

But everyone is focus for tomorrow for Colombia.

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