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August 7, 1997

Patrick Rafter


JOE LYNCH: 69 points each for the day.

Q. Out of all those points, can you talk about the final point of the tiebreaker?

PATRICK RAFTER: I don't think that was really the telling point. I thought the ball was on the line. But, he still had to serve 6-5, so he was still in the driver's seat. I think I didn't take my chances early on his serve and that is what cost me the match because he was very vulnerable in the first set.

Q. All your matches have been so close with him. What does he have that is a little bit extra --

PATRICK RAFTER: He is a great player. Today, I think he was, you know, I played pretty well, I thought, throughout the whole match. But, I think the match in Philadelphia, I probably played better. He was probably playing a little better as well. But, the first set I had to take the opportunities and I didn't take it and if you don't take your chances against someone against Pete, you are not going to win. That is the case today.

Q. Is he that much better than everyone else?

PATRICK RAFTER: Well, it is one or two points here and there and he is very tough in those situations. He does lose. That is when people take the opportunities against him when he is a little bit vulnerable.

Q. But he is not vulnerable very often?


Q. Can you tell the differences from now and the last time you played him?

PATRICK RAFTER: I thought it was a very close match today. Last time it was probably even closer. I definitely had more chances last time. You know, when we do play -- I mean, the last two matches, to me, have been a lot closer than the two or three before then. So it is certainly becoming a little bit better, a little bit closer to him, anyway.

Q. When you say vulnerable, what do you mean?

PATRICK RAFTER: A little scratchy. He didn't -- the first set, you know, you saw in the second set he lifted at his game a little bit, he returned a lot better. He put me under a bit more pressure. I think that is probably -- because I had always chances on his serve in the first set. Second chances, I didn't have many, so he picked up his serve a little bit as well.

Q. Is this playing into his favor to have these conditions here this week, I mean, fairly cool for us at this time of the year?

PATRICK RAFTER: I am sure he can last three sets anyway even if it is very hot. I can't see the heat being a huge factor.

Q. I am not saying not last, I am just saying maybe not play his best tennis.

PATRICK RAFTER: You have to ask Pete that question.

Q. Are you frustrated at all that you haven't been able to --

PATRICK RAFTER: Yeah, no one likes losing that many times in a row.

Q. A lot of three-set matches, a lot of tiebreakers --

PATRICK RAFTER: He has a bit of an edge over me, doesn't he? I mean, I don't enjoy losing. I am not enjoying it, but I guess I get more upset -- because I really didn't have anything to lose, you don't seem to get as upset as much. That is probably a pretty ordinary attitude, but that is the way a lot of us think.

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