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November 13, 2021

Sebastian Korda

Milano, Italia

Press Conference


4-3, 4-2, 4-2

Q. Do you have any regrets in the match, especially maybe on the way you attacked the court and the net, because I think personally it may be something that you could try to improve for the next season, I don't know if you are working on it.

SEBASTIAN KORDA: Yeah, for sure, I mean, Carlos played incredibly well. I had some chances in the first set, didn't take them, and, yeah, that's just kind of how the match went.

He was just playing some really good tennis, clutch in the deuce points and, yeah, overall I'm still very happy, I had a great week, I had a great season and unfortunately it didn't happen today, but go back to work and try to improve myself.

Q. What do you think the key was in the match? Sort of was it more Carlos playing big and aggressive on those big points or could you have done anything different?

SEBASTIAN KORDA: For sure, I could have done a lot of things different. I could have changed up the pace of the game, could have come to the net a little more, served a little bit better.

But, yeah, he was just playing incredibly well in the tight moments, especially in the tiebreaker, I had a lot of chances, some of the things didn't go my way, break point in the first, easy volley. But, yeah, it was still a great match from him and sometimes there's nothing I could really do.

Q. I know yesterday you said to me that you were looking forward to playing Carlos. Now you have played him, how does his game compare to some of the other guys, he's not quite there maybe in the ranking yet, but some of the other guys that you've played, how does it feel?

SEBASTIAN KORDA: No, he's definitely playing a lot better than what his ranking is and he won't be in that spot for long.

But, yeah, no, it was a great experience for me, I'm going to take a lot of things from the matches and just, yeah, go back to work, improve myself and anything that I can and, yeah, keep going at it.

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