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January 17, 2003

Peter Luczak

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, M. ANCIC/P. Luczak 2-6, 7-6, 6-4, 6-2

MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Couple days ago you spoke about how rapt you were to get this far. Now that you've been there and taken the first set, seemed to be on top, is it a bit harder to take? Are you disappointed at the moment?

PETER LUCZAK: Yeah, I'm disappointed. It's much different after you lose than when you win. It was all smiles before, but now... I played a pretty good first set. I think Mario wasn't serving as well. All credit to him, he started serving better in the second, third and fourth. I don't think I had a breakpoint in the last three sets. I'm happy that I got this far, but I'm also disappointed. I really think I could have won that one.

Q. Do you get the sense with him that he was a little bit shaky, had a bit of a wobbly at the end of the first set, but then pressed on?

PETER LUCZAK: I know he had a long five-setter. I was just telling myself to make him move, make him run, get as many balls back as I possibly could. It just wasn't working out. I was making easy mistakes for no reason. The crowd were behind me, but didn't seem like I could focus, concentrate. I don't know why. Hopefully, more matches like that and I'll be able to learn from it.

Q. Can you talk us through the tiebreaker. What happened there?

PETER LUCZAK: Yeah, I played a great first point. We had a long first one. He was serving. I got the mini break straightaway. Second point, I got little bit unlucky. He hit a pretty good return off my first serve. I don't know what happened after that, but it all went downhill.

Q. Did you get a bit cautious? You netted a few.

PETER LUCZAK: Yeah, I think I did. I think I got a little tight. I was hitting the ball shorter and shorter. Hit a few in the net. I don't know.

Q. Do you think maybe you should have come in? Could you identify a few occasions where you perhaps had him out of court and could have come in?

PETER LUCZAK: Yeah, I'm sure. When I watch the tape, I'll be kicking myself I didn't come in more often. A lot of times I had him spread wide, and, I don't know, just stood back there like a goon.

Q. (Inaudible)?

PETER LUCZAK: Bit of both. I was nervous. I prefer staying at the back. I said, "Okay, I'll stay back and just keep rallying." But I had him spread wide. Just sliced it back. Would have had an easy volley. Instead, I just let him back in the rally.

Q. What have you learned from the three matches, from the whole experience?

PETER LUCZAK: Haven't really thought about that yet. I'm sure I'll learn something - I better.

Q. What happens for you now from here?

PETER LUCZAK: I think I'll probably -- I've got actually mixed tomorrow. After the mixed, after I'm done with that, I'll probably take three, four days off, maybe a week, then get back at it. I think I'm going to be going to the US, play some challengers over there, some qualifying of ATP events, just see how I go there.

Q. Can you spend $43,000 in a week?

PETER LUCZAK: I'm sure I could, yes.

Q. Have you finished your studies or do you have to go back and complete?

PETER LUCZAK: No, I'd like to go back. I still have a semester, maybe two semesters to go before I finish my business finance degree in Fresno.

Q. Will you be playing tennis as well?

PETER LUCZAK: No. You can only play tennis a certain amount of time. I used up my eligibility for tennis. If I go back there, I can just study. I can practice, but I'm not allowed to play matches in terms of giving it a crack on the professional circuit.

Q. Does it start from here on? Is it sort of your springboard, or is it sort of next year and beyond?

PETER LUCZAK: Yeah, if I won today, it would have been an unbelievable springboard, would have been 150 points instead of 75. I think about 140, 150 instead of 110, 105. You know, should get me into most of the qualifying events of the ATP. So I don't know.

Q. You must feel good about your capacity to compete at the level, given what you've done here. Is that the positive to come out of the tournament?

PETER LUCZAK: Yeah, yeah, it feels like -- even when I was practicing with some of the better guys, it felt like I was staying with them from the back. It does give me confidence, definitely. Hopefully I get more opportunities to play guys like this and practice with guys like this. Hopefully I'll be there one day.

Q. What's the difficulty with your serve? What's the hard thing about getting it back?

PETER LUCZAK: About getting back my serve?

Q. No, his serve.

PETER LUCZAK: I don't know. He serves, you know, pretty big. I think he was consistently 190, 193. I tried to block it back, especially off my forehand. Started hitting it, I don't know, should have started hitting it again at the end. Started slicing it. He started serve-volleying toward the end because I was just blocking it back. He's a big kid, big, tall kid. Anyone that height is going to have a pretty decent serve, hard to return.

Q. Kicks up high?

PETER LUCZAK: No, his first one, he's got a good flat one down the middle, also a pretty good one out wide. Hard to read as well. His ball toss stays consistent.

Q. That 43 grand, does it translate to you might have one more star on your hotel when you're in the States? What does it actually do for you?

PETER LUCZAK: Pretty much, yeah. Maybe a star and a half (smiling). I don't know. Yeah, it helps a lot. Not so much the last six months, but the first year when I was traveling, I was staying in shocking places, you know, always had to travel -- less than six hours, it was never a flight, it was always a bus, Greyhound. The last six months I've been breaking even pretty much. With this money now, I'll be able to definitely travel a bit more like the pros.

Q. What was the longest Greyhound trip you had to take?

PETER LUCZAK: I've had some beauties. I think I did a 12-hour one somewhere. I think it was like from San Diego to like somewhere up north in California, yeah.

Q. And the worst hotel?

PETER LUCZAK: Definitely called the Nash (ph) Hotel in Berkeley, California. It was a shocker (laughter). One community shower. Like four of us in a hotel room. One guy got the bed. The guy who won, the shak-sham-bow (ph). The other three on the floor, a stained floor.

Q. How much do you take your enjoyment, some of the other guys, too, that it has been a summer when you've been able to make an improvement? Has that really been diluted by losing today?

PETER LUCZAK: Last week I had a good week as well. First time I qualified with the ATP. Before I qualified, I was thinking, "Oh, man, so many good guys out there, it's so tough to qualify. You have to play three unbelievable matches." If you've done it once, I have confidence, I'll probably be able to do it again. This week I had a couple good wins. I don't know, hopefully me and Jaymon can build from that and go a little further next year.

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