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November 13, 2021

Leona Maguire

Belleair, Florida, USA

Pelican Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Another 68, 12 under, four off the lead. Take us through the day.

LEONA MAGUIRE: Bit of a slow day. Gave myself a few chances early on; didn't really hole any putts; didn't get any momentum going.

But, yeah, I had a couple nice birdies to finish off the front nine, 6 and 9. That 9 hole all week has been good to me.

Yeah, just didn't really get it going on the back nine really. Struggled on the par-3s. Bogeyed one of the par-3s in the back nine. Hit what I thought was a good shot on 15 and it took the slope and went off the green.

So nice birdie on 17. Yeah, I mean, four back probably needs another 62 tomorrow. We'll go out early and try and post a number.

Q. Speaking of 62s, you go out and shoot a 62, it's always the round after that. You can go out and shoot a couple under and it feels like 80. How do you follow up a really good round?

LEONA MAGUIRE: I think you kind of have to sort of reset and go again. I suppose this golf course sort of demands your attention, so you just have to focus on -- I know it's a cliche -- but sort of one shot at time, picking the right spots.

It doesn't take much for it to go one way or the other, especially with these greens. You hit it one side of the slope or the other you have two radically different putts.

So did a good job staying the right side of the slopes; last two days not quite a much. So tomorrow I'll try and get on the right levels and see where we are.

Q. Are you confident with the feels that you have, particularly in your golf swing?

LEONA MAGUIRE: Yeah, I feel like I been hitting a nice -- giving myself lots of chances and just need to hole a few more putts really. Probably been a little bit tempted, so maybe a little bit more aggressive tomorrow.

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