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November 12, 2021

Stephanie Meadow

Belleair, Florida, USA

Pelican Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. I've never seen 18 pars on an LPGA scorecard. Not that I've paid super close attention outside of people that I interview.


Q. Let's start with the 18 pars. Have you ever done that?

STEPHANIE MEADOW: I don't think so. I can't say for sure, but I don't think so.

Q. And then I know you obviously had grand hopes of not making yourself sweat out there.


Q. You seem to like to do this to yourself, and then you come home with a fervor.


Q. How much of a grind was it out there even to shoot a 70 and not think about all the other factors?

STEPHANIE MEADOW: Honestly, like I hit 16 greens I think today, and I hit it really close like all day. So I had a bunch of putts that were very, very much in birdie range and didn't make any of them.

Then I missed two greens and had 10-footers for par and I made both of them. Those were stressful; the rest wasn't.

Q. You had a really good finish here last year.


Q. Like a Top 5, Top 3.

STEPHANIE MEADOW: 3, yeah, yeah.

Q. I would imagine you saved some putts for tomorrow and you can rest on knowing what you've done here in the past.

STEPHANIE MEADOW: Yeah, for sure. I felt like I hit some good putts and had some missed reads today. I think the main thing is I hit it really well, so, I mean, it's not like I need to go to the range and figure out how to make birdies on the weekend. I just got to make some putts drop.

Q. Have you analyzed super closely or just kind of...

STEPHANIE MEADOW: A little bit. I think it just so much depends on -- you know, it's all over the place. I feel like when it was money it was easier to figure out. I feel like points are -- it's just hard to know.

There is a lot of girls here within a chance. There is two more days of golf left; a lot can happen.

I mean, one point behind Nicole, but who knows who is coming up behind. I'm just going to try and, I don't know, go as low as I can really and not leave it to chance, yeah.

Q. 18 birdies tomorrow.

STEPHANIE MEADOW: Yeah, that would be nice. Yeah.

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