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August 20, 2004

Andy Svoboda


CRAIG SMITH: Obviously not the result you wanted, but you had a hell of a run, a great chance to live a dream for almost a full week. Go through the pluses and the minuses that you feel before you even look at this. Tell me about the emotions.

ANDY SVOBODA: You know, it just comes down to, I just didn't get it done today on the greens. I just putted horribly, and I played steady. Last two holes killed me. That's about it.

Q. At what point, maybe a day from now, will you allow yourself to just kind of be proud and enjoy what you did or is it just disappointment right now?

ANDY SVOBODA: It's pretty disappointing. But, you know, it's golf. The ball doesn't go in the hole all the time. I wish it did. It would be a lot easier game, and, I don't know, it's just difficult right now. Just I was hitting the ball so well and to just not get it done on these greens, on your home course[], is not good, not a good feeling.

Q. What did you have on 18? What was your approach shot on 18?

ANDY SVOBODA: I had 157. I tried to hit like a punch 8-iron, and that was a bad swing, just pulled it, pulled a lot of shots today, I don't know why. My rhythm was just off, coming over just a little fast I think. Wasn't executing the shots.

Q. The putt that you had on 17, have you had that many times before playing here?

ANDY SVOBODA: Yeah, I've had that putt a lot. I hit a decent putt. Kind of, you know, kind of jumped left a little bit and just caught the left side of the hole and came out. You know, that's a pretty easy putt. It's right-center, right-edge-type putt and just didn't hit a good putt.

Q. Did things firm up a little bit? Was it a little quicker out there today?

ANDY SVOBODA: Yeah, the golf course played a lot harder, a lot different. Greens were three feet faster, I think, a couple feet faster, anyway, and they were a lot firmer. You're hitting good shots in there and they were bouncing pretty good.

Q. Is that pretty typical from what you usually see out here?

ANDY SVOBODA: Yeah, I've played the course, you know, like this, firm and fast many a times. It's just tough to adjust to it because it's been so soft.

CRAIG SMITH: You see a lot of these guys that have pedigrees that play in NCAA Division I, can you just step back; you proved something to yourself today that you're ready to take the next step?

ANDY SVOBODA: I don't know if I proved anything today. Maybe winning the other matches, I proved something. I was pretty disappointed with the way I played today, just didn't get it done.

Q. You're planning to turn pro next week?

ANDY SVOBODA: Yeah, I'm planning to turn pro for the Met Open next week.

Q. We've asked you all week about playing here, was it any different today, the gallery was huge, about 400 or 500 people.

ANDY SVOBODA: No, once it gets past 100 or 50, I don't think it matters. It's fun to play in front of that many people. It's nice, you hit good shots and the crowd goes crazy; it's fun.

Q. What's your mind set on 16 when you halved the match, what's your mindset there? Are you feeling that you're ready to put him away?

ANDY SVOBODA: Well, didn't hit a great drive on 17. I was trying to hit it down the right side so I would have a decent angle at that pin. Had actually not a bad shot. I was thinking, don't miss it left, because if you miss it left out of the rough, I'd have no chance to get it up-and-down. So I kind of steered that 7-iron a little right. Wasn't a special shot, but thought I could do a little bit better with that. Had a good lie.

Q. At any point in the match, might have been on 18, where you thought, "This might not happen"?

ANDY SVOBODA: No, I never thought like that. Just trying to hit a good shot and made a bad swing on that hole and left myself a real tough up-and-down. Chip shot just didn't come out. Just came out soft and I had a really tough putt. I just wasn't -- my left-to-right putts were horrendous. Any time I had a left-to-right putt, I didn't make it. So, I don't know, just not hitting my left-to-right putts well.

Q. If you could look ahead, planning on turning pro with the idea of actually earning some money now, last year you would have been pro at the end of the Open and you would have cashed a nice check; how do you view that?

ANDY SVOBODA: It's exciting. I'm ready. I really want to turn pro. I'm ready to take something else on. Once you shoot a good round, it would be nice to make some money.

CRAIG SMITH: Great run. Thank you.

End of FastScripts.

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