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November 6, 2021

Hubert Hurkacz

Paris, France

Press Conference

N. DJOKOVIC/H. Hurkacz

3-6, 6-0, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English.

Q. Congratulations for a great season and for making it for the first time into the ATP World Tour Finals in Turin. My question is: In what way is playing Novak Djokovic different than competing against any other player on the ATP Tour?

HUBERT HURKACZ: Yeah, I mean, every player is different. Everyone has a different game obviously. I mean, Novak is such a great player, great competitor.

I mean, he's won so many titles throughout his whole career. He's just, you know, super solid in the very important moments. His return is really amazing.

So just puts a lot of pressure on you. You know, it's, yeah, I always have to fight for every single point. It's very, very intense.

Q. Congratulations for making Turin. Do you think that it was Miami may be the key of this season, because you made 400 points more than, actually 800 more than Sinner.


Q. Well, 400 more for you and 400 less for him. So, yeah. Well, anyway, then you probably started to think you would do it, I guess. And I know you're very good friend of him. Did you talk about that sometimes or not?

HUBERT HURKACZ: Yeah, I mean, obviously it was big point difference between winning and making the Finals. So that was, I think, very important. I mean, at the end was super close in between all of us.

So, you know, Jannik is such a great guy. You know, I wanted to see him make the Finals, as well. But, you know, it's next year. So only eight players, so it's not easy. Throughout the whole season you have to make many, many good results. So just, you know, just try your best and then fight for every single point in each tournament.

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