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November 1, 2021

Cameron Norrie

Paris, France

Press Conference

C. NORRIE/F. Delbonis

6-2, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What were your thoughts about that match today? I guess it was one of the better draws that you could have had, but kind of a battle, a bit more than the scoreline suggested.

CAMERON NORRIE: Yeah, it was honestly quite tough, but very cool to play in that center court. I think that's one of the best courts that I have played on and maybe the best indoor court that I have played on. The atmosphere was great. People in France, they love their tennis. Even the acoustics of the ball was great, and I really, yeah, enjoyed the match.

Yeah, I mean, he's quite difficult. I mean, his range is quite big in terms of his level. He can come out and play very aggressive, had a lot of winners. Yeah, I was able to win the longer rallies and to win a couple of tough games. I think I had one breakpoint on my serve, so I served very well and definitely indoors that helps.

Yeah, I think it was a very physical match. I managed to get out of a lot of situations and managed to race through my service games pretty quickly when I was hitting my spots. So I was really happy with the level, especially with the circumstances, and, yeah, he's never easy to play. I respect him a lot. He's had a great career, and he's one of the best players in the world. It was a good win for me.

Q. In terms of Turin, how are you approaching it? Are you keeping an eye on people's scores or are you really not thinking about it and focusing on the point-by-point?

CAMERON NORRIE: I know who is in the race. I know who I'm competing against. I'm looking at how they are doing. I think it's very interesting to me, and I think it's cool to have this added pressure of playing for an extra event at the end of the year.

All of us in the contest for it right now have not made this event before. So it's all very special for us, and it's a great opportunity, but I'm keeping my head down in terms of focusing on what I have to do in terms of getting ready for my matches and my practices, and I'm playing great in the practices and really enjoying my tennis still and I'm feeling good physically.

I'm doing what I can. I know it's a long shot for me to make the event. I'm quite far behind, so I've got a lot of work to do, but luckily there's a lot of tennis left to be played. It's cool that I'm in the conversation this late in the year.

Q. So for you it's quite fun to have this game within a game.

CAMERON NORRIE: It's great. I like the fact there is added pressure. The matches seem bigger and I think it's cool and everyone is keeping on it. I have heard it's such a special event, the Tour Finals, and they have done a great job in London from what I have watched, so it would be great to be part of it.

If not, I have had a phenomenal season, in my opinion, so I leave the year feeling great about my level and how things went but it will be a bonus to make it, as well.

Q. I wanted to ask you about playing indoors. You have had some great results this year outdoors, hard court, clay, grass. I think you haven't played a lot indoors. I wonder how you find playing indoors compared with playing outdoors?

CAMERON NORRIE: I mean, I like it. I'm training a lot at NTC and I did part of my preseason indoors in London. I am used to it and I'm playing more and more indoors. Usually at these events in the past, in Antwerp and Vienna, I've tended to play well. The guy I have played has played too good.

So I don't mind it, and I think if I execute my serve and my backhand, can be pretty dangerous at times. So I'm still pretty new on it, but I have played a decent amount. I'm fairly comfortable at times, and I feel like I'm moving a lot better this year, so that definitely helps in terms of being able to turn the point around in indoor rallies.

Q. I think that was your 100th win of your career. Because we sort of missed out on that in Vienna. Can you sum up how it means to get to that milestone?

CAMERON NORRIE: Yeah, I didn't know about it, it's great. Yeah, it's obviously a great milestone and it shows I have been on the tour and have a little bit of experience now. Yeah, it feels great, but there is a lot of -- I mean, it's a nice bonus, but there is a lot of tennis in the year to be played. Yeah, it's a great achievement.

Q. I was wondering like the last couple of years of the ATP Finals, which have been in London, have you actually been in London for them or attended them at all, or what have you been doing that week?

CAMERON NORRIE: No, I have never actually gone physically and attended. I think I've been in London a couple of times when it's been on, but I have never attended. I think either I'm doing my first week of preseason that week or I'm just trying to relax and do something different and reflect on the season a little bit. So I have never been, and I have just watched it on TV.

Q. You might have been playing golf or something like that while it's been on?

CAMERON NORRIE: Potentially. A good chance (smiling).

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