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October 31, 2021

Joey Logano

Ridgeway, Virginia

Press Conference

An Interview with:

Q. Joey, 42 points below the cut line. You came in here in a must-win position but...

JOEY LOGANO: From the get-go, we were struggling to get it to turn. We raised the track bar, made it loose everywhere except where I wanted it to turn. Put that back, tried something else. Got closer, but all we're doing is compromising at that point. At about lap 15 on we were mediocre, but before that...

Anyway, we were good enough, we didn't get in. Wasn't close enough. Didn't fire off fast enough. Now we'll go to Phoenix and try to finish as high as we can with this team. We fought hard this season. We just weren't fast enough. Weren't fast enough throughout the Playoffs, and today was kind of another example of that. We'll fire away next week.

Q. Paul Wolfe was able to use some strategy there to get you back to the front. Did you feel at any point in there you had the speed or did it seem at that point you didn't have the speed?

JOEY LOGANO: I mean, we kind of hung decent for having 10 or 12 laps on our tires, a cycle more than the cars around us. We fell back to only seventh or eighth. Refire after that, able to run seventh or eighth. After the restarts, we just didn't go fast enough on restarts. If I took the top, I'd get freight-trained. At the bottom I wasn't fast enough on the exit. They kept getting out in front of me.

That was a struggle. That's all there is to it.

Q. What did you learn this with Paul?

JOEY LOGANO: It's not over yet. Might not be able to win the championship, but I think overall what we've been able to do as far as getting our balance closer, honestly catching our teammates on the 550s was probably one of the biggest challenges for us, to get at least in the ballpark with them. The 750s has been our bread and butter. Just kind of lost a little bit to the cars the last eight or nine weeks.

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