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October 31, 2021

Denny Hamlin

Ridgeway, Virginia

Pit Lane

An Interview with:

Q. Denny, obviously you're not happy with what happened. What is your take on the contact down there?

DENNY HAMLIN: He's just a hack. Just an absolute hack. He gets his ass kicked by his teammates every week. He's (expletive) terrible. He's just terrible. He sees one opportunity, he takes it.

Obviously he's got the fast car of the week and he runs 10th. He didn't want to race us there. We had a good, clean race. I moved up as high as I could on the racetrack to give him all the room I could, he still can't drive.

Q. To be that close with the day you guys had, to come from the back, how much more frustrating does that make it to get cleaned out, in your opinion, at the end?

DENNY HAMLIN: I didn't hear what you said.

Q. Coming from the back like you did, does that make it worse at the end?

DENNY HAMLIN: No, I mean, we got in, do what we had to do. I just wanted to race there at the end. He's just terrible.

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