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August 31, 1995

Patrick Rafter


Q. Bad luck? You had few more breakpoints, but he made the most of his -- he got four out of five. I think you got two out of seven. That was a major difference in the game.

PATRICK RAFTER: No, I didn't serve very well as well as I would have like to have. I didn't handle the conditions very well. Very blustery out there and few balls got away from me which, you know, which I generally wouldn't let get away, I think. But he serves very well and he served very well in the breakpoints and I got -- he made me play very tough points on my serve.

Q. Patrick, I know you expected him to serve well; he has been traditionally a big server. He also returned very well today.

PATRICK RAFTER: He did. I had nothing on my serve today. I was lacking timing on my serve which is a big part of my game. For it not to be working hurts me a lot. I have never seen anyone miss so many returns in my life. It was getting a little annoying after a while. But, you know, at the same time he made a lot of good returns as well.

Q. Is there any sense that in this year you have had to sort of reassess a bit your approach to tennis and just how tough it can --

PATRICK RAFTER: I have sort of sat back and looked at a few things. Hasn't been a good a year, as I would have liked it to have been; didn't back it up very well. I don't know. I suppose it is difficult to backup -- yeah, you know, it is just all a little disappointing. I am going to try and be as happy as I can.

Q. Why hasn't it been a good year?

PATRICK RAFTER: Haven't had a good run like I would have liked to have had. Maybe one or two good results. That is not what I am after.

Q. Does it mean you are now thinking maybe longer term than you might have?

PATRICK RAFTER: When I was coming up last year I had -- for the first six months I had very good results. I was happy with the way things were going. I saw myself climbing up higher and higher and now I suppose it -- I see myself struggling a little bit more. I was really on a roll then and now I look back; I wish I never got off that role because I let myself, you know-- just probably I lost a lot of intensity for the last pretty -- well, year, I think, I just wasn't interested in the game anymore, and -- but now you know, I am pretty pleasant again; just want to keep going. I want to be back in the top 20.

Q. Is it still fun or does it feel more and more like a grind, a job?

PATRICK RAFTER: You know, at times it feels like a job. But other times I really enjoy myself. I have to sit there and be negative a little while. I think that is pretty natural. I will try and be as positive as I can now and get myself back into gear now.

Q. You have played him in Florida once before?


Q. Beat him straight?

PATRICK RAFTER: Yeah, easily there.

Q. What was the difference?

PATRICK RAFTER: He is a bit of a moody guy. He is really up and down. At times he can be on his game and when he is not, he is one of the best draws you can get. If he doesn't feel like playing, he will tank. But when he is playing -- when he is up for the match, he is a very difficult opponent.

Q. How hard is it now for you to go out and play a doubles match?

PATRICK RAFTER: It is okay. I am playing with a good friend. I am going to be out there giving it 100%.

Q. You are going to be out on a far court on 16 or, somewhere like that. How different is that from just having come off the main court to go out to the back woods?

PATRICK RAFTER: That is okay. We have been doing that now for many years.

Q. Do you like it out there?


Q. Is it more fun?

PATRICK RAFTER: Stadium court here hasn't been good to me. I think they had me there three times and had three losses. Had a lot of fun out there.

Q. Do you feel like you are on a downslide on a roller-coaster?

PATRICK RAFTER: No, I have had a pretty good summer. It's been good to me. I have to try and keep it going through the indoor season in Europe. I have to have some good results; that is what I am looking for. I have been quite happy with the summer overall. Sure, it is disappointing to lose here, but he was too good for me today.

Q. Is the doubles becoming more of a serious thing with you? You have had quite good success with your partner?

PATRICK RAFTER: Definitely doesn't come in front of my singles. 100% priority goes to my singles. That is the way it is going to stay. But that is the same with my partner as well. I am going to respect his decision if he is not feeling 100% he doesn't want to play doubles, that is fine. I can understand that because I am going to do the same and he understands that as well. But I enjoy playing with Mark. He is is a good friend and he is a good player and like anything, I don't like to lose in anything, even if it is mixed doubles, I still don't want to lose.

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