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October 24, 2021

Kyle Larson

Kansas City, Kansas

Front Stretch

An Interview with:

Q. 9 wins, four in the Playoffs, including three in a row. We're running out of superlatives for this young man. What a season for Kyle Larson. And there's still two to go.

Kyle, I want to ask you about the specifics of the race but I want to ask you about the significance of winning this 17 years to the day after a tragedy in the NASCAR community and especially for Hendrick Motorsports.

KYLE LARSON: Yeah, I want to dedicate this win to Rick and Linda. I didn't get to ever meet Ricky or the other men and women that lost their lives that day. But I felt the importance of this race no doubt.

So crazy kind of how it all worked out there for me to win. I know they were all looking down helping me in all the restarts and stuff after getting in the wall. So again thank you to Rick Hendrick. I know this means a lot to you and I'm glad I could get it done.

So cool to get another win. I don't really know how that happened. But our HendrickCars.com Chevy was really fast. I thought we were a third-place car really. William was really good. Hated to see that unfortunate luck there again for their team. They've been really, really strong.

Glad we could capitalize and get another win. Hope we can go to Martinsville and get a clock.

Q. You had the damage on the left rear and damage on the right rear, you had a little bit of damage every where and you were mad at yourself for a restart midway through the race. Was it that determination that, I'm not going to let that happen again that got you the win today?

KYLE LARSON: Well, not really. Kind of forgot about that early. I felt like I did an okay job trying to hold those guys off as long as I could on the older tires.

But, yeah, then I just got a little too impatient. The race was kind of closing down at the end and got loose off of 2, got in the wall, and thought for sure my chances of winning were done.

But had a couple good restarts that worked out for me. The 4 got to the 9 inside at the flag stand and kind of choked that lane up and got me clear to lead. Had to do some blocking there and Chase was really fast at the end. Glad I didn't have to fight him too much.

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