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October 24, 2021

Chase Elliott

Kansas City, Kansas

Pit Road

An Interview with:

Q. So it is second place. We know that you race for the win every week. It looked like at the end there maybe you thought about it and then after a little contact backed off.

CHASE ELLIOTT: I didn't really have a choice. Once I hit it, it hurt it pretty bad. Really proud of the effort. Our Napa team did a great job today. And felt like we had something for Kyle there, just got the wall there off of 2. So hard to get up to him, you know, when you're running the fence like that.

Every few feet you get closer, the harder it gets. But it was a lot of fun. And really proud of the way we ran today.

Felt like it was a really nice step in the right direction. And more importantly just thinking about Hendrick Motorsports and the family that is Hendrick Motorsports. Obviously this is a day that nobody's going to ever forget thinking about Mr. Hendrick and all of the families that were affected 17 years ago today.

So just proud to be a part of their family and hopefully can make them proud these next two weeks

Q. I know they're proud of you. As you watched everyone else touch the wall and then have issues with the tires. I mean, how did you keep yours in such good shape?

CHASE ELLIOTT: We just had a really fast car first off. And, you know, obviously the restarts didn't go great there at the end, but able to climb back in it.

So just really proud of the effort and these are the kind of runs that you have to have to compete for a championship. So a good time to be doing that

Q. P2, plus 34, going to Martinsville. What does that allow you to do, Chase?

CHASE ELLIOTT: I don't know that it allows you to do much of anything. As you saw today, I'm not sure any amount of points is safe so. And certainly I think anyone in this round can win next week. So we're going to have to really be on it. But looking forward to the opportunity and excited for the challenge.

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