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October 23, 2021

Brooke Matthews

Venice, Florida, USA

Plantation Golf and Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. So really solid day, 5-under. Take us ^ threw ^ through. You had two eagles on the card. Take us ^ threw ^ through those.

BROOKE MATTHEWS: Yeah, that was pretty crazy. I hit a really good drive on hole 9. Ended up having an 8-iron in; was able to get an eagle there.

And then made a really long putt on the 4th or what, 13th hole think. Yeah, the Par-5 13th hole.

Other than that, it was just steady. A little bit tough coming in, but got ^ threw ^ through the finish line and, yeah, good stuff going into tomorrow.

Q. You had a hit good par save on 17. What was that like?

BROOKE MATTHEWS: Yeah, I've been driving it really good all day. Missed one left there and luckily I had a gap kind of, and so I was able to get it near the green.

It was good. You always want to be able to finish as good as you can.

Q. You're no stranger to low numbers. I know everyone probably is familiar with your 25-under shattering the 54-hole scoring record. Just take us ^ threw ^ through that experience. It was kind of a crazy thing that you accomplished.

BROOKE MATTHEWS: I mean, that's the only thing I can say is that it was crazy. I guess I just blacked out. I don't even know how it happened, to be honest. Just everything was going right. It was one of those weeks, driving it well, wedging it really well, and obviously getting the putts to drop.

So I mean, yeah, I don't even know what to say still about it to be honest.

Q. And having three rounds like that and seeing just how low you can go, how do you keep your expectations in check as you head into some of the bigger events?

BROOKE MATTHEWS: Yeah, obviously you have to know that you can't do that every time or even almost maybe once in lifetime, who knows.

So just really focusing on the process and what it takes to make birdies. You can't force it out there. It something like that happens it's awesome, but you just kind of have to just play your game, whatever you have that day.

Q. What's your experience been like at Arkansas play9ing under Shauna?

BROOKE MATTHEWS: I love it at Arkansas. I've had amazing coaches and teammates. This is my fifth year, so the five years I've been there I've developed a lot on and off the golf course. Obviously my golf game has gotten better, and off the golf course too I feel like I've grown up a lot.

So I don't have enough nice things to say about Arkansas.

Q. A lot of players nowadays don't stay all five years. How much do you think that's a benefit?

BROOKE MATTHEWS: Yeah, Maria Fassi was my - I don't know if inspiration is the word on that - she ended up graduating, staying -- I think three and a half what it took her. She was like, College is something you never get to do again. The tour is not going anywhere. College is fun. You get to have your best friends around. It's a year on someone else's bill, so why not do it?

Q. Do you keep up with Maria?

BROOKE MATTHEWS: Yeah, I do. I get to talk to her ever now and then. She's been spending more name Fayetteville so that's good.

Q. What's that relationship like?

BROOKE MATTHEWS: Yeah, I mean, she's awesome. She's obviously traveling so much so I haven't got to see her quite as much as I would like to. Maybe more in the off-season.

Yeah, Maria has been a great teammate and a great friend.

Q. What has watching some of your fellow Razorbacks have some success on the LPGA the last couple years? Especially with Maria. She's had kind of rough season but has kind of grown from it. How much does that inspire you to get to that point?

BROOKE MATTHEWS: It does. It's really hard out there. It's no surprise to anybody. So just seeing them persevere through it is awesome and it's made a really good name for Arkansas golf and just inspires me to continue that.

Q. So heading into Sunday, you've put yourself in a good position, taking yourself T45 all the way up the board. What is the mindset heading into tomorrow? I know most players are trying to keep to calm, cool, and collected. With a little bit of nerves on a Sunday, do you do anything differently?

BROOKE MATTHEWS: No, you really can't do anything differently. Just play it like a normal tournament round, and wherever the numbers fall, the numbers fall. You really can't force it out here, especially on courses like this that demand some shots.

So I am just going to go out there, warm up like I always do, and just pretend like it's another round. I do it every week.

Q. Who is on your bag this week?


Q. What's that been like?

BROOKE MATTHEWS: It's good. He's caddied for me before. He tries to it keep me calm. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It's just nice. It's really important for me to have someone that I'm comfortable with next to me. I feel like I can figure out the golf stuff.

Q. What would it mean for you to advance to Q Series and have a shot at an LPGA Tour card?

BROOKE MATTHEWS: Yeah, it would be everything. That's the dream. If it happens tomorrow, that will be awesome. But whatever happens, just keep working and I believe I'll get there when I'm supposed to get there.

Q. You're a player that's remained amateur. This is your fifth year at Arkansas?


Q. I mean, being a fifth year are you planning to stay the rest of the year or do you know yet?

BROOKE MATTHEWS: I'm not sure yet. Q-School kind of matters with that, just look at the status and stuff. If I end up staying at Arkansas I love it there, so I really can't lose in this situation.

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