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October 23, 2021

Alison Lee

Busan, South Korea

LPGA International Busan

Quick Quotes

Q. Just take me through this third day here and why you think it was working so well for you out there.

ALISON LEE: My game feels really good right now. I feel really good out there. I feel really confident. Still missed a few birdie putts coming down the last back nine for me, but overall I'm feeling great. My game feels great. Yeah.

Q. You had that string of birdies right before the bogey. You seemed to be on a roll there. What was working so well through that stretch of holes you think?

ALISON LEE: Honestly, I just feel really comfortable out there. I'm not getting too ahead of myself. The ball is going to where I want it to go. And that's kind of what you need to play good golf.

It's not all the time where you play golf out there and the ball goes where you want it to go. And I was hitting my lines, even with my putts, too, I wasn't really pulling or pushing anything. My approach shots, I was hitting it right where I wanted to.

And golf's really easy when everything is going your way.

Q. A high finish here tomorrow would help you get closer to the CME Group Tour Championship. Is that anything that's been going through your mind at all as you come here this week?

ALISON LEE: Yeah, I've definitely thought about it. Now it's pretty clear how many points you need to get in. Looking at the top 60, I kind of did the math. I do need like a solid top 10 finish I think at the end of the week to get into CME. So it's definitely been on the back of my mind.

I'm just trying to play good golf out there and not think about it too much. Like I said, I feel really good about my game right now, and just basically take whatever is in front of me.

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