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September 5, 1997

Patrick Rafter

Flushing Meadows, New York

MICHAEL FOLEY: On behalf of Heineken USA, I'd like to welcome everyone here this morning to announce the winner of 1997 Heineken Star Award. My name is Michael Foley. I'm president of Heineken USA, which is a USTA Corporate Champion. As part of our sponsorship of tennis, we established this award a year ago to recognize outstanding achievement on the court with a financial reward that benefits a needy cause. Our hope is that this award will remind players and fans alike that donating their talents as well as their money to good causes is a very good thing to do. Consequently the Heineken Star Award will not benefit the winner; instead, a $5,000 donation will be made in the winner's name. This year we decided that the $5,000 donation would be made to the Arthur Ashe Foundation as part of Heineken USA's overall corporate endowment of $50,000 to that foundation. Voting for the award this year changed from last year in that the public participated. The net proceeds of the public 900 phone-in call also goes to the Arthur Ashe Foundation. I'm pleased to announce the winner of the 1997 Heineken Star Award, Patrick Rafter from Australia. I would like to present this award to you, Patrick, for the resilience and endurance you showed in overcoming adversity with a sore knee in beating Andre Agassi.

PATRICK RAFTER: Thank you, Mate.


PATRICK RAFTER: Well, I guess I'd like to thank Heineken for this award, and the money they donated to the Arthur Ashe Foundation, which is a fantastic cause. Everyone in tennis is right behind it. Having a fantastic tournament. Hopefully I can keep it going. Thank you, very much.

MICHAEL FOLEY: I would now like to invite you to present this check to the managing director of the Arthur Ashe Foundation.


JAMES KEELER: Thank you, Patrick. I really appreciate on behalf of the Arthur Ashe Foundation and its board of directors, Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe, and I'd like to thank Heineken USA, Michael Foley, and the many folks that have helped make this possible. Thank you, again, Michael. Thank you, Patrick. I'm sure we'll put this to very good use to continue the wonderful legacy of Arthur Ashe. Thanks.


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