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October 20, 2021

Stephan Myburgh

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Sharjah Stadium


Post Match Media Conference

Q. Steph, unlucky out there tonight. Just wondered at the end, it seemed like your plans just weren't quite sticking.

STEPHAN MYBURGH: Yeah, unfortunately, we haven't played very good cricket at this World Cup. I think we were below par off both games. Today maybe in our bowling, in the previous game in our batting, so we couldn't put it together, and it just cost us.

Q. Can you put a finger on what's not quite gone right so far across those two games?

STEPHAN MYBURGH: The previous game, unfortunately, we lost a wicket with a run out second ball, and then four wickets in four balls, you're always going to struggle to get back from there. The boys did a good job there, but you're never going to defend 105 or 107, whatever it was.

Today I thought 160 was a decent score, par score, and then I think with the bowling we just got hit. Wow, too many boundary balls and didn't really bowl towards our plans maybe or just the next. Players will get just the next (indiscernible) today.

Q. When Max is able to perform, why isn't others able to use it? Was this a problem about rotating the strike or was it adapting to the wicket? What exactly is it?

STEPHAN MYBURGH: Max is obviously a tremendous cricket player, and he's been the key for Netherlands cricket the last couple of years, and he showed it again in these two games. That's definitely something we talked about, we haven't been able to rotate the strike as much as we would have liked.

These wickets are also -- yeah, it is tough when you come in. So you need to create partnerships to be able to score quicker, and I think today we might have had a couple of partnerships, maybe could have pushed on them a little bit earlier. Maybe an option.

But, yeah, we just tried to bat around Max basically.

Q. From the bowling point of view, was it David's batting or what exactly was --

STEPHAN MYBURGH: Yeah, the boundaries weren't big enough today. Dave really batted well. I think he's got years and years of experience playing at the top level, played IPL, played for South Africa, and it just showed.

Well, it's easy to say now, but if you got his wicket, it would have been nice to see how the other guys coped with it. But his class just showed today, and he was too good for us. In T20 cricket, one guy can win the game, and he definitely won the game for them today.

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