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October 20, 2021

Hannah Green

Busan, South Korea

LPGA International Busan

Press Conference

Q. This is definitely a different look from 2019. What are your thoughts as we enter the tournament this week? I know it's a bit crazy with travel and COVID, but what are your thoughts as we head into competition this week?

HANNAH GREEN: Yeah, I guess we're really fortunate to even have a tournament. I know all of us really wanted to make this event. I feel like we always get treated so well when we're here in Korea.

It is a shame that we can't go out and explore a little bit. Busan is a lovely city. So hopefully next year when we come it's a little bit more normal.

But I imagine the tournament, it's been really hard to organize everything. So we're all very grateful to be here. And even though there's not spectators, we hope they watch us on TV and we give them a great showing.

Q. Even with COVID protocols, I feel as if we've all felt the hospitality and presence of BMW this week. I know a lot of players really enjoyed the Squid Game cookies in our rooms when we got to the hotel. What are some of the things you've noticed here this week, but also what was that like to see that in your hotel waiting for you?

HANNAH GREEN: It's funny, I actually just started the series last week. So I finished the last few episodes on the journey over here.

So I really didn't expect them to do that, so it was actually quite fun. But unfortunately I wouldn't have survived the next round. I wasn't very successful in trying to get the umbrella.

But just things like that makes it a bit of fun for us, especially since we're confined in our rooms Monday. They always look after us when we're here. I really enjoy the food here. I actually have kimchi probably way too much, but I really love it.

Q. As we look ahead to this week's competition, just your overall thoughts of LPGA International Busan and what it means to be back here at the only LPGA event in Korea. Just after what you saw in 2019, what did you expect coming back this year, and what do you think now that you've played it a couple times this week?

HANNAH GREEN: I feel like the golf course is different to me because I have added a bit of length to my game since 2019. So it's actually really nice to kind of miss some of the bad stuff that I did last time I was here.

But, yeah, hopefully can get the putter rolling. I just finished the Pro-Am. So I didn't quite putt as well as I would have liked, but I feel like the fairways are pretty forgiving, but the greens are a little bit berm, so you have to try and capitalize when you hit it close. I think whoever wins this week will probably have the least amount of putts.

Q. Getting over here was definitely a lot of travel, a lot of players have been traveling. You've been traveling on and on throughout this season. What is it like balancing those long travel days with competition, and what are some tips you've learned over the past seasons on the LPGA Tour that have helped you retain your energy for weeks like this?

HANNAH GREEN: It's hard because we're coming to the end of the season. Only three events left on the calendar. I feel like everyone's feeling a little bit more tired. It is a shame that we only have one event in this Asian swing, because it does make it easier when we have a few in a row.

But I guess coming from Australia, I'm typically used to 30-hour travel days, which is really sad to say. But it is hard with the jet lag, since I haven't been on this time zone since Olympics, I guess.

I feel like I've been okay during the day with my energy levels, it's just the amount of sleep. I would like a few more hours.

Hopefully tonight I'll get a good amount of sleep in one block and be ready to go tomorrow.

Q. I have to say we are getting to the homestretch. As you said, being able to conserve energy is much more important, I would say. But as you look at this past season, how would you evaluate your past season, especially with the Olympics, something you were able to be a part of just a few months ago?

HANNAH GREEN: Yeah, I feel like I got off to such a great start to the season. I feel like the last few months, besides the Olympics, have been really slow. So I'm hoping I can get a good result this week and get me some confidence into the last two events.

I feel like my game has been there, it just hasn't really shown in the scoring. I feel like with the progress I've made, I need to stay confident and believe in myself. I feel like sometimes I can get a bit down, and it's kind of easy to do when you are feeling tired.

So, yeah, I'm really excited for the next three events. And I'm not sure when my season will start next year, so I want to make sure that I can finish strong.

Q. I know how getting back home is really important to you. And also some news from your home country today, Geoff Ogilvy with the Sandbelt Invitational. When you heard of that happening today, what were some of the immediate thoughts that you had, and what do you think a competition like that will do for men's and women's golf in Australia?

HANNAH GREEN: Yeah, I think it's amazing. To have four really great golf courses on the Sandbelt, not only in Victoria, but also down in the peninsula, I think hopefully I can play. I'm not sure if I'll be able to play this year with how the border situation is working in Australia at the moment.

But I definitely think the event will go grow, and it probably could be as good as both the Men and the Women's Aus Open. Hopefully that doesn't happen because I want both events to do really strongly.

But it's great that Geoff's so passionate about growing the sport, not only for himself but also for the future Australians, because unfortunately we haven't had too many events through this COVID period. So hopefully things are looking up.

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