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October 15, 2021

Jelena Ostapenko

Press Conference

V. AZARENKA/J. Ostapenko

3-6, 6-3, 7-5

THE MODERATOR: Can you talk about your match tonight.

JELENA OSTAPENKO: I mean, it was in general probably a good match, but I feel like I was a better player today. I just missed some balls, like, in deciding moments. I was a little bit unlucky.

I think I was playing better and aggressive today. She was more, like, defending. Yeah, if couple balls I would be lucky I think I could win the match. Actually I think I could win the match in two sets. I was playing more against myself today.

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Where did you find the match seemed to begin to shift? What made the difference to force it into the third set?

JELENA OSTAPENKO: I think just my game, what I was doing. It was more not like she was doing something specific today. I think it was like I lost my game. I was just a better player I think today because I was playing more aggressive and I was going more for the shots and I was attacking all the time.

It was like 6-3, 2-Love. I think I was rushing a little bit too much. If I was playing maybe a bit smarter, I could win this match in two sets. But then I started to play against myself a little bit. Of course, she was making as many balls as possible, like she was putting more balls in the court, not missing, trying to wait for my mistakes.

Yeah, I feel like I had to go even more aggressive on some points. I think I stepped back on a couple points. If I would push her more when it was 6-3, 2-0 for me, I think I could close the match.

Q. Were you surprised by her court coverage today?

JELENA OSTAPENKO: No, not really. I know how she plays. I saw her matches. It was not surprising at all.

I felt like I had to go even more for the shots. Sometimes I was, like, trying to just play it back where I had to go for it, just play an angle, play more aggressive. Always have to take time away from her because she was in trouble in the first and the beginning of the second set because I was playing way too fast for her.

Q. How close are you to playing your best tennis now?

JELENA OSTAPENKO: I mean, still not super close. I think I can play even better because I'm a perfectionist and I want to play as good as I can. For me 50, 60, 70 percent is not enough. I want to be a hundred percent sure I'm at my best, I'm sure I'm on the right way.

Q. In terms of the conditions, have you noticed any difference from all your matches with other years or is it pretty much the same?

JELENA OSTAPENKO: I mean, it's hard to say. I never went that deep in the tournament. But I felt like today if we played during the day it would be better for me because the balls were flying more. At night the ball is, like, really not flying. The balls get fluffy in, I don't know, two or three games. I think it was better for her because she had more time. Maybe if we played during the day it would be better. That way if I played aggressive, then she wouldn't have that much time. So I don't know, yeah.

Q. Given what you had to go through, playing the level you were able to play today, do you come out of this tournament feeling more confident that you can touch that level sooner?

JELENA OSTAPENKO: I think, yes, because in general it was a good week. Of course, I'm now very disappointed because I feel like that was my match today and I had all the opportunities to win. I just didn't play well in the moments where I had to play. Maybe I didn't make right decisions during the match.

But I think I'm on the right way. There are not much tournaments left. Of course, I'm going to probably play Moscow, but it's going to be tough with the jet lag and everything. It's starting Monday, it's already Friday. But I will take as it is. Yeah, I mean, in general was probably a good week because I had a good wins.

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