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August 30, 1997

Alex Radulesku

Flushing Meadows, New York

Q. You played Pete several times in your career. How would you describe where he is in his game right now?

ALEX RADULESCU: Well, I think he's in good shape. Just one breakpoint today. He's playing good. I had not so many chances.

Q. Do you expect him to cruise through this tournament? Do you think anybody can beat him right now?

ALEX RADULESCU: Well, if he's playing like this and if he keeps his shape, he can win the tournament. No question about it. But he has to win some more rounds. In a big tournament, everything can happen.

Q. It's so rare you get a breakpoint against him. I mean, you got one in the third set. What happens to you when you get it? Do you get a little tight because it's so rare when it happens?

ALEX RADULESCU: Yeah. You don't get many chances. When you get one, you have to take it. If you don't take it, then it's tough. On the breakpoint, I don't have a big chance to win that point.

Q. Disappointing?

ALEX RADULESCU: Yeah, of course I'm disappointed. But I came into the match pretty tired after the first two rounds. I thought that I have to be very lucky to win today because I didn't feel that good.

Q. You seem to be serving real well today. What separates Pete's serve from maybe yours?

ALEX RADULESCU: Maybe the difference, the key point, he's serving very big key points. He was once Love-30 down and served two aces in a row, and it was 30-All again. So I think the big points, he's serving better.

Q. He's serving better than when you've played him before?

ALEX RADULESCU: No. It's actually almost the same. When I played him times before, I also had just few chances to break him.

Q. Were you serving better than you served before?

ALEX RADULESCU: No. I was serving okay today, but when I played him before, I played him indoors. Indoors, the serve is more important than outdoor on hardcourt. And I think it was okay today.

Q. Do you have a flight out in 15 minutes or so? Did you book the flight right after your loss?

ALEX RADULESCU: Well, I'm trying to catch a flight now tonight. I think it's going at nine or ten o'clock.

Q. When did you book it?

ALEX RADULESCU: Well, I didn't book it. My coach is doing this. He left already. He's trying to bring me on a flight.

Q. You didn't have reservations, plane reservations, before you played Sampras, did you?

ALEX RADULESCU: No. My reservation was for next Monday.

Q. Where are you going?

ALEX RADULESCU: I'm going back to Germany.

Q. What city?

ALEX RADULESCU: Well, probably fly to Frankfurt. Either Hamburg or Munich. I don't know. I have to decide.

End of FastScripts….

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