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October 12, 2021

Gavin Sheets

Carlos Rodon

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Guaranteed Rate Field

Chicago White Sox

Postgame 4 Press Conference

Houston-10, Chicago-1

Q. Carlos, you guys were not shy all year long about talking about your expectations for the season and what you wanted to accomplish. As the season ends here, how do you kind of look back on this year?

CARLOS Rodón: I mean, it was a fun ride, ended a little short as we thought as a team, but, you know, we enjoyed the time together.

Q. This is for both of you guys, both Carlos and Gavin. What individually, what you guys accomplished this year, this season, mean to you? I guess probably for different reasons, but what did it mean to you individually?

GAVIN SHEETS: Yeah, I think just for me, it was the experience, experience of being here, experience of being with a bunch of incredible veterans. Yeah, just learning as much as I can. You know, we got the taste of the playoffs. Obviously, right now it sucks. It hurts, but to be able to have this experiences the rookie year, I think I can only grow from it, and I think as a team, it's the same way. We're only going to grow from it.

CARLOS Rodón: Yeah, I mean, it was fun to watch and to talk about the group. We got to watch Gavin here grow, be a pretty impactful player. It's hard to do as a rookie because it's very intimidating, but he showed up and played well, showed some people that he could play some baseball.

A lot of good things happened this year. A lot of people proved some people wrong. Tim kept on hitting like he always does. Cease, you saw him develop into something special. He still has some room to grow, and a lot of people helped this team win.

Q. Carlos, you talked about anticipating the adrenaline kind of carrying you a little bit. Did you feel that today, and did you know that you were going to have the kind of top velocity before you got on the mound?

CARLOS Rodón: Yeah. Yeah. I knew about a couple of days ago I felt pretty close to normal and then, you know, adding in the crowd, an amazing crowd. First time for me to see some playoff games at home, and it was something special. It was special for me to watch, special for me to be a part of, and they definitely helped today, although we didn't come out with a win, but it was still enjoyable.

Q. For both you gentlemen, what was the impact for both of you guys and maybe your assumption of what it was for the team itself with Tony this year?

CARLOS Rodón: I'm sorry, can you repeat that?

Q. What was the impact of Tony on you guys individually and team-wise this year as far as him coming in here and helping you guys get to this point?

CARLOS Rodón: I mean, Tony is a very special manager, second all-time in wins, if I'm correct, Hall of Famer. He brings a lot of experience into the clubhouse. He has seen a lot of baseball games. Very, very wise man. It was just a pleasure to play for him. Not many guys can say they played for a Hall of Fame manager, you know?

GAVIN SHEETS: Yeah, I know for me just to come up as a rookie and have him in my corner since day one means a lot. He's been around some incredible players. He's won a lot of games, won a lot of big games, and he is a Hall of Famer. You know, he has been in every one of our corners the whole time, and when you have a Hall of Fame manager in your corner and supporting you, you feel like you can do anything. He has been incredible to play for.

Q. For both of you, I just wanted to follow up on what Gavin said about expecting the whole group to grow from this. How do you expect that -- to see that moving forward?

GAVIN SHEETS: Yeah, I think that it's a learning experience for all of us, but we got a big taste of what it's like to play at home in the playoffs, and I don't think anybody is going to forget today and Sunday night, you know, just what it was like; the crowd, the black-out, the support. That burns a fire, and that makes you want to do it again and with a different outcome.

Last year, we got to the Wild Card. This year, we won the division. We're just going to continue to grow, and I think that going into the offseason, you know, we're all going to be talking about that atmosphere and wanting to play in front of that again, and that's going to be the goal from day one when we step into Spring Training.

Yeah, expect us to come right back next year with the same goal in mind.

CARLOS Rodón: Yeah, I think Gavin hit it there. We got the taste for it now, especially with the fans being back. It was just not -- we play 162 games, and just to be able to experience -- you play 162 games to experience these playoff moments. Like I said, we have the taste for it, and I think we're going to be pretty hungry trying to get back to where we're at and exceed where we were this year. Yeah, that's pretty much all I got.

Q. Carlos, this one is for you. Obviously, nobody knows what the future holds for you. I don't think you know at this point yet, but you've been a part of this organization since 2014, number three overall pick. As you walk off the mound in that first inning after two punch-outs and have your best stuff, to be a part of this crowd and think about what you have accomplished this season and maybe a culmination of your time in Chicago, like, what did that moment mean for you?

CARLOS Rodón: Yeah. It was -- it was definitely a special moment. It's been an interesting road for me, and just to have the opportunity to pitch an important game, it meant a lot. So thank you, White Sox fans, and thank you to the organization.

Q. Carlos, some players, you know, head right into the clubhouse after an elimination game like this. It looked like a few of you guys stayed there to watch for a little bit. Just what was going through your mind in that moment after the final out and as you alluded to everything that you've gone through?

CARLOS Rodón: Yeah. You just kind of think through the season you had. And then you look at the guys out on the field that are cheering in front of you, and, I mean, for me, I wanted that feeling. That's why I just sat there -- sat there and watched just for a little extra motivation and let that sit there for me.

Q. Hey, Gavin. You talked about the work you put in this last offseason to get to this point. So what is having the success you did this year drive you towards for 2022 and beyond now?

GAVIN SHEETS: Yeah. It's, you know, same goal, same -- just continue to build. You know, if you told me last October that I would be sitting here right now in front of you, I would be thrilled. It's been an incredible year, but mainly just being with these guys. These guys are special. You know, Carlos is special. The veterans on our team are special, and, yeah, I'm going to continue to work hard, try to be a part of this again next year, and, yeah, continue to chase the goal, chase the goal, win a World Series. Whichever way that is and however I can help this team out, it's what I'm going to do, and it's what I'm going to prepare for.

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