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October 11, 2021

Joc Pederson

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Truist Park

Atlanta Braves

Postgame 3 Press Conference

Braves - 3, Brewers - 0

Q. You've been part of some great scenes there in Dodger Stadium and stuff. What was it like today to hear a new hometown crowd chant, "Let's go, Joc"?

JOC PEDERSON: Pretty cool. I've been on the opposing side of it here, especially when Acuña hit that grand slam. And it gets loud. It's a great fan base, great environment. It was pretty special. And to come up big in a moment like that was pretty cool.

Q. I hope you're prepared for a couple of pearls questions.


Q. Do you ever take them off, number one? And number two, did you buy them in a dollar store? Are they real pearls? I'm curious.

JOC PEDERSON: I take them off when I sleep. I got them through my jeweler. And, yes, they're real pearls. Yeah.

Q. We haven't had a chance to get to know you that well, so I asked your teammates to describe you. Dansby says you're pretty much just consistently the same throughout. Snitker said you really have no heartbeat when you go up to the plate; you just look like you're playing on a playground. Can you give to us, what are you like, how would you describe yourself to us?

JOC PEDERSON: I don't know if I have a media answer for that. I'm just me. But I don't know. Next question. (Laughter).

Q. Asked Dansby about this, and as he pointed out, it's a big enough sample size, you can't just say it's flukey, what you've done with the Dodgers and now here: How would you describe what your personality or your demeanor is in these postseason games when a lot of people can crumble, put too much emphasis on it and not be themselves?

JOC PEDERSON: I think just every day preparing during the season and treat all the moments the same. And then not making any moments bigger than what they need to be.

And that's kind of just how I look at it. And I just feel like I do the same that I do during the year. But I don't know, there's no secret recipe. I wish there was.

Q. Talk about that swing on the home run, keeping your hands in. It looked like a really hard pitch that you hit for a home run. High inside.

JOC PEDERSON: Yeah, I guess I'm just a pretty good player, I don't know. (Laughter) Just knocked it out of the yard. (Laughter).

Q. I know you said there's no secret recipe. But is it experience? Or is it just you telling yourself, like, slow it down, don't make it bigger than it needs to be?

JOC PEDERSON: I don't know. I've been fortunate enough to be on a team every year and be in the playoffs. So I guess experience is on my side. And I think just like I said, not getting into the moment of everything around it and just being present.

And it's another at-bat or it's just another pitch or another playing out field or whatever it is the same as spring training, the same as the season or whatever.

And we prepare for it all year long. So just treat it the same.

Q. What can you say about what Charlie and Max and Ian have done?

JOC PEDERSON: It's incredible. It's really fun to watch. They've been extremely dominant. It's crazy. The only one I think to give up runs is Charlie. And I honestly think he was the most dominant one. And that's how crazy of a game it is that we play.

That's nothing against Ian or Max's outings, but they've been lights out. A really good team on the other side, hitting team, a lot of good offensive players, and they're able to keep them off balance, keep them off the bases and limit the innings that our bullpen has to pitch. So it's keeping those guys fresh in the bullpen, which is huge.

Q. This goes along with what he was asking. You've been in a lot of postseason series. How unique has this one been and just how hard offense has been to come by and for you guys to hold them to two runs over three games?

JOC PEDERSON: Yeah, I think it's unheard of to throw up that many zeros for our pitching staff in a playoff series.

They've had definitely had opportunities to capitalize. And our pitchers are making quality pitches to get out of jams, which takes a lot of heart. And you've got to tip your hat to that.

So that part's been fun to watch. And as far as us, I think we're hitting some balls hard right at them. A lot of good at-bats. And we're just working our way in ballgames, and we've done that two out of three nights. So we've just got to keep that going.

Q. What does it mean for you not being with the team very long, now you're wearing pearls, to see the fans -- I've never seen so many grown men wearing pearls around the ballpark, little kids. Did you have any idea, A, they would embrace you so well, and any idea the pearls would have taken off as they did?

JOC PEDERSON: No, not really. I don't know. I think I just saw the pearls and I was, like, you know what? That looks cool. I've done the black chain and the gold chain and all those different ones and -- I think a lot of other players have.

But I don't know, kind of caught my eye. I was, like, you know those look good. And texted the jeweler about it and got some out. And they kind of went crazy. So I don't know. It is what it is.

Q. You have 3-for-3 with two homers as a pinch hitter. Do you get frustrated at all not starting, see what you could do with four ABs? Or have you done this enough times to know that they'll use you the way they see fit?

JOC PEDERSON: It is what it is. My role right now, that's my role. And doing the best I can to succeed in it and help the team win. So not really worried about the other stuff. That's kind of outside noise. And just make the best of the opportunities that are presented to me.

Q. I'm just curious, a lot of us didn't see you necessarily early in your career, before you got to the majors. Were you always loose, semi goofy? Or was there ever a point where it was like, no, I've got to be like this, this helps me?

JOC PEDERSON: I think it takes a little bit to get comfortable. I've always been pretty laid back and easy going. But, yeah, I don't know.

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