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October 10, 2021

Tony La Russa

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Guaranteed Rate Field

Chicago White Sox

Postgame 3 Press Conference

Chicago, 12 - Houston, 6

Q. Tony, you guys are down 5-1 going into the third inning, and obviously, it's the elimination game. What changed your team overall in that situation?

TONY LA RUSSA: Nothing. I mean, same way it was in Houston. If you could have had -- you know, I don't know if they have microphones down there or if somebody was shooting the dugout, the guys were, hey, we got a lot of game. A lot of game. We're going to keep playing. We're going to play nine. They're going to play nine. That's the way they are. It's really a tough-minded bunch, and sometimes you get rewarded with a comeback like that, but it's just the way we've been. We know we got some offense, and if we can hold them down, we know we got a shot. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't, but, I mean, it was electric in that dugout. Nobody was giving in.

Q. Hey, Tony. Obviously, you probably would have liked Dylan to go longer in that one, but what can you say about the job that your bullpen did tonight?

TONY LA RUSSA: Well, I think considering the offense that they had to get out, I think they did outstanding. Even I thought Michael threw the ball really well, and just you saw Dylan in his first inning, and he did the thing he's been doing, walking a couple of guys, and it started to get away. I told him, it's a great experience. He can't wait to get back out there. So Michael, what, he gave three runs, but he threw the ball well. Tepera was key, and Bummer was key because the number of outs they got.

Q. Tony, can you talk again about Carlos going tomorrow and your thoughts about Rodón?

TONY LA RUSSA: We were talking about it in there. He says I can pitch today. I said, well, didn't know that until today. Last couple of days it's been getting better and better, and the fact that you could pitch today makes it -- if we can win this game, you can pitch tomorrow. We'll look forward to sending him out there.

Q. Just the Astros lineup has worked really tough at-bats all series, especially the first four inns. What did you see of your bullpen was able to do the last five innings to diffuse that?

TONY LA RUSSA: I couldn't understand your question.

Q. The Astros lineup has been really tough working really great at-bats. What did you see the last five innings of your bullpen to be able to get by that, diffuse that?

TONY LA RUSSA: We didn't walk hardly anybody there at the end, and that helps. A lot of quality pitches. I mean, I'll take -- they're good, and you can see the walks that they get, and you throw it in the strike zone, and they hit it, but if you make nasty pitches and you show different things, depending how good you are, you can get them out. That's what we did. We just executed a bunch of outstanding pitches.

Q. Tony, what did you think of that Grandal play? I mean, that was -- Dusty obviously thought that was intentional of him running inside the baseline, but it's kind of a wild play that changed a lot of things.

TONY LA RUSSA: I mean, he just -- the way he left the plate and you run direct, you have every right to do -- the umpire called it correctly. When the guy throws the ball back this way, you can make your own -- just like if you do at third base, it's the same rule.

No, he -- I don't think -- I think he is probably upset he got the ground ball, and I don't think he is trying to -- first of all, thinking about that he didn't hit the ball in the outfield. There's no way he could do that on purpose, but they called the rule correctly.

Q. You kind of answered a little bit of my question, but did you talk to Yasmani after that play and try to -- did you talk to Yasmani after that play about it and kind of clarify his intent or lack thereof?

TONY LA RUSSA: No. No, I didn't have to. I got the -- the bench got the thing. When he comes out of there, he runs direct to the base. He didn't go this way and run that way. You create your baseline. It's in the rule. He just -- where he got, he just ran straight to the base, so, no, I didn't have to. It's not necessary. I mean, I guarantee you that there was no intent to interfere with that play. I can guarantee it. If you want me to, I'll ask him, but I don't have to.

Q. Tony, about Carlos for tomorrow, when you talked to him today, was that to make sure that just his arm felt good after a bullpen session for today?

TONY LA RUSSA: He came in and said, you know, I can pitch today. I said, well, you've been improving, but at no point -- if you show me a week ago that you could pitch today, the way -- the kind of season he has had, so I says, you know, there's a way for us to win this game. Then you are ready for tomorrow.

Q. When was his last bullpen?

TONY LA RUSSA: He's done variations of throwing. Today is, what, Sunday. Probably Friday, and it was -- but he has done some flat ground. He has does some from work then. It's been a bunch of stuff just to see how the ball comes out and what kind of arm strength he has. He's been improving, and it was probably Friday where he said, you know, I'm starting to feel better, and then yesterday he says, you know, I really feel pretty good. I said, man, that's great. First time he had said that in a long time.

Q. So you think he has kind of turned a corner over the past 48 hours?

TONY LA RUSSA: I hope so. We'll see.

Q. Tony, García's at-bat in the third facing two pitchers and getting the home run there, just what -- García's at-bat in the third inning, the concentration that it takes to face two pitchers and getting a home run?

TONY LA RUSSA: Remember that one hit against Boston, that is the farthest he could hit it, and he hit it farther. That ball was scalded. It was gone the minute he hit it and to that part of the ballpark. I mean, he has a really light bat. All his skills are so alive. Before I want to say something, so just tell me when I am done. Am I done?


TONY LA RUSSA: You know what was the most frequent quote or comment in the dugout in the last three innings? No fans left. I mean, that was a long game, and they started in the seventh. Hey, look, they're still here, eighth and ninth. I can't tell you the impression that made on our ballclub that the fans stayed around until the end. And all the energy they provided early, you know, definitely helped, so that was amazing, four and a half hours. Hope they take the day off tomorrow and come back tomorrow.

Q. Tony, you touched on Tepera, how important that was, but him giving you two right after you scored and got the lead, how huge was that to bridge it to the back end of the bullpen as well?

TONY LA RUSSA: I can't --

Q. You touched on Tepera before, but how big was it after you guys got the lead for him to give you two and bridge it to the end of the bullpen like that?

TONY LA RUSSA: Well, you know, at that point we were scoring, they were scoring, right? It's really hard to stop either one of us. He got three outs like that, and normally, you know, he is a one inning pitcher. He got them so quickly. He is rested. You feel to go back out? Yeah. He actually said I can even go out there for the third inning. I mean, probably, but if you measure the importance on the pitching side, you put him at the top of the list because he started the zeros and right next to it you put Bummer.

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