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October 10, 2021

Kyle Tucker

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Guaranteed Rate Field

Houston Astros

Pregame 3 Press Conference

Q. How much do you guys believe in Dusty, we know, but in the metric system with Houston because it seems like your team is so well set as far as the lineup goes with, you know, two right-handers, a left-hander, two right-handers, a left hander. Late in the game, it seems like a matchup for the other manager would be really difficult. What are your thoughts about that?

KYLE TUCKER: We had our lineup similar the whole year. We've had different injuries throughout the year, so we've mixed it up a little bit, but for the most part, this has been roughly how it is today -- or the past couple of games, so, you know, Dusty puts together what he thinks is the best lineup and what he thinks is best for whatever situation we're in, so we're there to step up whenever he calls on anyone, so we got to just do our part and do our job and go out and put up runs, play defense well, and pitch.

Q. Kyle, what do you think -- how do you think Yordan has improved in the outfield since you've been with him and especially this season playing more than maybe we've ever seen him play defensively?

KYLE TUCKER: I think he is a good outfielder. He doesn't play out there every day. He is primarily our DH, but whenever he is out there, I think he does a good job. I don't know. We view him as a normal left fielder whenever he is out there. I think he has a good arm. He catches a lot of balls. I think he has done a great job.

Q. Is there any difference for you when it's either Meyers or McCormick in center as far as their style of play and anything you got to look for when one guy is out there or the other one?

KYLE TUCKER: They both do a good job. They both know that they're going to play center field, and they might play the corners every now and then, just whatever. They kind of -- they follow the sheet, whether it's a shift in guys or whichever gap depending on who is hitting, and they do a good job of spacing us out.

If I'm too far towards the line or whatever, they'll let me know, and it shifts back over in the gap, make sure there's not a huge gap so they can just hit it in there and run, but they're both very talented, very good athletes, and they've done a really good job for us the whole year.

Q. Kyle, what was it like for you the other day when you were sitting about six or seven feet from Carlos, and he called you the best hitter in the Houston lineup and one of the best in the Bigs?

KYLE TUCKER: It's nice. I mean, everyone in our clubhouse knows how good we are and how each person is really good. You know, we have a ton of superstars in there, and for a guy like Carlos, who is one of the best players and best shortstops in the league, you know, to say -- he says a lot of nice things about everyone, but when is he right next to us, it's pretty cool, and it boosts our confidence as well.

Q. Kyle, can you talk a little bit about how it just -- it's like it rubs off everybody -- if positive things are going, it rubs off on the next guy. I don't know if contagious is the proper term or not. You're picking up from the veteran guys. Can you just put into words how that works for your offensive output?

KYLE TUCKER: We're all very positive in there. You know, we know how good of a team we have, and we just try and lift each other up, whether. You know, if someone has not a great day at the plate, they do a good job on defense. We let them know -- if someone makes a nice play, we will dab everyone up in the dugout afterwards, say thanks or nice play, good job. You know, we're a very positive team. We know how good we are, and we go out there and try to show that.

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