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September 3, 1999

David Prinosil

Flushing Meadows, New York City

USTA: Questions for David.

Q. You had a couple of longer matches than that against him, beat him on the indoor hardcourt. Is he playing exceptionally well or is there more to it than that?

DAVID PRINOSIL: Yeah, he was playing very well. He was serving very well. I think I had only one breakpoint; no chance on the breakpoint. But the key of the match was I didn't start so well. I lost my serve in the third game. My tactic was I want to hold my serve. I knew that he was serving very well. I mean, I lost my serve, and it's very tough to break his serve.

Q. Were you perhaps putting a little bit too much on your own serve at that stage?

DAVID PRINOSIL: Yeah, you may be right. I was a little tight in the beginning, and that's why I didn't serve so well. I mean, the important points he made. That was it. I had actually no chance on his serve. It's tough to come into the game.

Q. Is this the best you've seen him in the times you've played?

DAVID PRINOSIL: Yeah, the best he played against me I think also. Yeah, I mean, we had some tough matches last year, I think in Paris. I beat him in Basel. He's in very good shape. He's moving well. He was very fast on the net. I think he gets some chances to make maybe the final, maybe semifinal, I don't know, but he's playing very well at the moment.

Q. Two years ago he did get to the final. This year all sorts of strange things have been happening already. Is he the sort of player who could benefit from all the injuries and all the other upsets?

DAVID PRINOSIL: Yeah. I mean, his game is to come to the net. If his serve is working, he can beat everybody. I mean, I think he was -- also when he was injured, he was working on his fitness, his footwork. He was moving very well today. He improve from the baseline also. He didn't make so many mistakes. I mean, if he's playing like this, it's tough to beat him.

Q. There's always the threat of his big serve. Does it sometimes have you kind of back on your heels, anticipating a very fast one, then he hits it a little softer and it throws you off?

DAVID PRINOSIL: Yeah, especially against me because he knows -- against me, he mixes it. He knows when he's hitting hard, I'm returning better than when he's kicking it. He's kicking it to my forehand. I had problems with my forehand return, so you know.... I mean, he can change it every time. You don't know what happened every point. It's tough to read his serve.

Q. Some of the players have said they think the courts are a little bit faster than last. Do you think that's so?

DAVID PRINOSIL: Yeah, for sure.

Q. Which again should help him?

DAVID PRINOSIL: Should help him, yeah, for sure. It's good for his game. The bounces are lower. The court, especially when it's like warm, getting hot, it's a little fast also. The ball is getting faster, too. I think it's good for his game.

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