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October 10, 2021

Elizabeth Szokol

West Caldwell, New Jersey, USA

Mountain Ridge Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Elizabeth Szokol, third place finish. Heck of a day. How would you assess the week?

ELIZABETH SZOKOL: It was a great week. We were treated so well. Cognizant put on a great event for us, so happy to put together with a good week and really happy with a third place finish this week.

Q. Heading into the end of the 2021 season, what kind of momentum does a finish like this give you? Assuming you're playing Pelican and CME.

ELIZABETH SZOKOL: Yes, both of them, so looking forward to that. Hoping to finish the year strong and good momentum for next season then.

Q. Are you a mudder? Is this your style of weather? Were the conditions extra tough today?

ELIZABETH SZOKOL: Made it a little bit more difficult for sure, but I don't mind playing in the rain. Kind of made it more difficult, which I do enjoy. Being able to shoot 2-under and still finish third is always fun.

Glad I played well through the tough conditions and finished strong.

Q. (Indiscernible.)

ELIZABETH SZOKOL: I feel like especially today, final group on the Sunday, I just stayed patient. I had a double early and kind of stayed patient and let a lot of putts fall, so that was great.

Q. Again, looking ahead to those two events, what are some of the things you notice in your game this week that you're pretty pleased with?

ELIZABETH SZOKOL: My putting was really solid all week. I think I only had one or two three-putts, so that was good, especially on these greens here. Feel like I made a lot of good putts, so I'm excited about that for sure.

Q. What about Mountain Ridge this week did you enjoy the most?

ELIZABETH SZOKOL: Everything. The course was so great. We were treated so well. The food was amazing. Course was in perfect shape all week. I just really enjoyed being here. Great place to play.

Q. (Indiscernible.)

ELIZABETH SZOKOL: Yeah, I AimPoint, so I found that very helpful. Just using my feet to feel that. I felt like that was pretty dialed in this week and my speed was good for sure.

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