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October 9, 2021

Caroline Masson

West Caldwell, New Jersey, USA

Mountain Ridge Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Caroline Masson, 2-under 69; 7-under overall. Tell us the story of your day. Particularly colder and windier.

CAROLINE MASSON: It was colder and windier, yeah. I felt like it kind of got dark pretty early too is what it seemed like. Yeah, a little bit tougher. I thought it was fun that they kind of moved the tee boxes around a little bit more today. Couple par-5s were up. I think that was a good move.

Overall, good pins. Some are really tough to get to. I think, yeah, I mean, I hit some great shots and some really bad shots, and overall, other than that, it was pretty solid in the middle. So I'm pretty happy with the day.

Q. Overall what's the experience been like here this week? Just up to a new level. The food is amazing. The build-out is amazing. This is something we generally see at majors.

CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, it's a major setup. Feels like it a little bit. The golf course is definitely major-worthy I think. So, yeah, pretty cool week.

With our theme honoring the Founders, I think this is a really fitting place. So, yeah, it's been a great. I can't wait for tomorrow.

Q. Final question in English. What's the plan of attack for tomorrow? I think we're looking at some drizzle on and off all day. More challenging conditions. Still just a couple strokes off the lead.

CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, same thing. I think my putting has been really good all week. Short game has been pretty good. So I'm probably going to have to rely on that maybe a little more tomorrow with like tougher conditions.

And, you know, just trying to be as solid as I can off the tee and with my iron shots. Play smart, and then take advantage of the good putting.

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