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October 9, 2021

Jaye Marie Green

West Caldwell, New Jersey, USA

Mountain Ridge Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with Jaye Marie green after 4-under 67. T7 last week; playing well so far this week. What is about Jersey that suits your game?

JAYE MARIE GREEN: That's funny. I never thought of it about Jersey.

Let's see, at the end of the British Open me and my caddie had a really about talk about practicing and my work ethic, and so I really grinded in my weeks off.

It's cool. I think some of the hard work has been paying off and makes me want to work harder.

Q. You've had I believe 14 of 18, 16 of 18, 15 of 18 greens so far this week. What's been so flush with your ball striking?

JAYE MARIE GREEN: It's a great question. I think I'm just more focused on scoring. I'm not really so much thinking about my swing. I had one good swing thought, but like I've just been staying disciplined.

I'm not going for pins, because usually I just go for every pin I see. These greens you can't. You can really be on some bad sides of the hole, so I've been trying to stay discipline and just having some fun.

Q. So are you breaking the holes down by quadrant?

JAYE MARIE GREEN: Yeah, exactly. Quadrants and there is certain pins I could be aggressive on, but not many. So I'm just literally like trying to stay -- if the pin is left, I'm not going at it. I'm going right and just going to try and make the putt.

Q. On a course like Mountain Ridge that's a major championship test, heading into the final day what's the mindset going to be?

JAYE MARIE GREEN: Just same thing I've been doing. Just it's so much easier said than done, but just staying in the present. That's always been a hard thing for me, but I think the more you put yourself in this position the easier it gets. That's the goal, just to take one shot the an a time.

Q. Now venue in Mountain Ridge Country Club. Obviously Cognizant put up one of the biggest purses in the women's game right now. What's the hospitality been like this week?

JAYE MARIE GREEN: Oh, my gosh. I got to play with such a great pro-am group. They're the title sponsors, Cognizant, and so I'm going to go up to their tent right now and just hang out and thank them.

You could tell they are so happy to have us and they wanted us to feel like world class athletes that we are. It's really nice for people to recognize women's golf and treat us like the amazing athletes we all are.

Q. About, Mountain Ridge the food has been great; the venue is awesome.

JAYE MARIE GREEN: Oh, the food. Oh, Mountain Ridge has just been unbelievable, from the food to the condition of the golf course. Like the staff is amazing. You look a little lost, they help you out.

The course is incredible. You can tell the members love it. Overall it's a homey feel and I know every girl out here loves it.

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