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August 31, 2004

Nicole Pratt



Q. What is your assessment of how you played?

NICOLE PRATT: I actually came out playing really well. I was down 5-1 in the first set. Fortunately, I picked up two games there that I think changed the momentum of the match. I started to hit out a little bit more, then brought that into the second. I played, you knoow, pretty well in the third. Could have been a little closer. No, I'm very happy to get through that one.

Q. What particular aims do you have for this tournament? How far do you think you can go?

NICOLE PRATT: Oh, every Grand Slam I go into now, I set a goal of reaching a quarterfinal. I think that would be sort of a really good result for me. And obviously to do that, you've got to beat, you know, a couple Top 10 players along the way. Here I've got a Top 10 in the second round. Kuznetsova, who obviously has been playing really well. You know, it's up to me to step up and go out there and give her a run.

Q. Have you played her before?

NICOLE PRATT: No, never. Played her in doubles before. Alicia has played her a lot. So I'm going to have a chat to Molly.

Q. Molly is doing all right.

NICOLE PRATT: Molly's doing great. It's really good to see. She's been working hard, deserves this success.

Q. There's another young Queenslander who did pretty well, Samantha got through.


Q. Is she sort of under your tutelage to a certain extent?

NICOLE PRATT: We were roommates at the Olympics. We had a good time there. We had had probably 10 days there together. You know, Sam's just starting. You know, she's got a lot to learn. Hopefully today's a bit of a breakthrough for her because she hasn't really kicked on this year after doing so well in Gold Coast. She's got a new coach. Hopefully she'll put it together.

Q. How much longer do you want to be doing this, coming out here?

NICOLE PRATT: I haven't put a time frame on it yet. I've always said as long as I keep improving -- if I feel like I keep improving and I feel like I can be competitive against, you know, the Top 10 players, I'll keep playing. I mean, as long as the body holds out, as well. No, I mean, I still think I've got room for improvement. I'm going to keep playing as long as, you know, that's happening. The day that I feel like I'm not improving and I'm not putting in the hard yards, then I know it's time to stop. But it hasn't happened yet.

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