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October 8, 2021

Will Smith

Walker Buehler

San Francisco, California, USA

Oracle Park

Los Angeles Dodgers

Postgame 1 Press Conference

San Francisco Giants - 4, Los Angeles Dodgers - 0

Q. Obviously you got two hits, but what was Logan Webb doing so well throughout the night?

WILL SMITH: He had command of his slider, command of his changeup, and his sinker pretty good tonight. It kept us off balance. Threw a lot of off-speed pitches and just made his pitches.

Q. Will, can you talk a little bit about what kind of dimension you don't have with Max in the lineup, whether it's getting on base or something else, and how you guys can makeup for that?

WILL SMITH: Yeah. No, it's a big bat in the middle of the order that we're missing, but we're still fine. We're still fine without him and we got plenty of guys to drive in runs.

Q. Walker, were you surprised that Posey swung on that 3-0 pitch there?

WALKER BUEHLER: No. Buster's been in this game a long time. I think they obviously have trust in him to swing 3-0 and just a mistake heater. Obviously an area that he can drive the ball and just not a great throw, but it is what it is.

Q. Either of you can answer. Just kind of what was the atmosphere out there like tonight playing back in front of a real postseason crowd for the first time in a couple years?

WALKER BUEHLER: It was great to hear. Obviously they have had a big year and their fans are excited, as are ours, so...

Also given the history of our two franchises it's going to be big games here and then back at home as well. So hopefully come out and get a win tomorrow and go home to our fans.

Q. Walker, it seems like the last couple of innings you figured something out, but early on your command seemed a little bit off. What did you kind of figure out? What was going wrong early and what do you think you kind of figured out?

WALKER BUEHLER: I just had to get my tempo going a little bit, I think. I think we started getting into better counts and then you've got some room to mess around, not mess around, but to miss productively a little bit more as opposed to the 3-0, and it just kind of is what it is. Obviously it's on me to try and create some momentum and I kind of sucked that out of our dugout so at the end of the day this game is on me, but tried to stay in there and kind of battle as long as I could, but they had a good night, we didn't and we'll move forward.

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