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October 8, 2021

Chella Choi

West Caldwell, New Jersey, USA

Mountain Ridge Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with Chella Choi, 3-under 68. Really good round out here at Mountain Ridge. How did you play today?

CHELLA CHOI: Pretty good today. Like yesterday I was pretty good. Made a lot of good shot. But today when I starting like my shots not good, but I really made a really good par so that's why I play good today.

Q. What was your preparation like? We have had a little bit of a softer golf course, and now that it's firmed out has your game plan kind of changed?

CHELLA CHOI: Yeah, this is very long course for me. But when I play with Anne she's so is far. She always like 50 yard farther than me.

But like I trying -- I hit a lot of time hybrid and long iron, but (indiscernible - plane.)

Trying to focus on the game, like just shot and shot, and I can (indiscernible - plane.) So, yeah, played good today.

Q. Some exciting news off the golf course. What is it like trying to plan a wedding and playing professional golf at the same time?

CHELLA CHOI: You know, last 20 years I just played golf, but right now starting like I trying to make for wedding, so I'm very exciting, and I talk with my boyfriend for my golf game and all my life, too.

So I'm really good right now. I'm very happy for me.

Q. Tell us about your boyfriend.

CHELLA CHOI: He's tall and handsome and kind and very nice to me. Yeah, everything perfect for me. Yes.

Q. You met during COVID?


Q. How did that work out?

CHELLA CHOI: My friend introduce my boyfriend, so we met, and he's tall and handsome; that's why I love him, so...

Yeah, it's pretty good right now.

Q. And I understand he proposed on your birthday; is that right?


Q. How did that work out?

CHELLA CHOI: Very surprise. I didn't know that, because that time is my birthday, so last 20 year I never stay in Korea my birthday. I just play golf in U.S.

So first time ever in my life stay in Korea, so I'm very excited. But he very surprise propose, so was cry and happy and love to him.

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