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October 8, 2021

J.P. Feyereisen

St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

Tropicana Field

Tampa Bay Rays

Pregame 2 Press Conference

Q. Hey, J.P. We talk a lot about some of the other rookies on the team, but you're also a rookie, and what was that like for you last night in that experience, in that type of a stage and forum and to finish the game?

J.P. FEYEREISEN: It was a lot of fun. Last night, yeah, definitely postseason, a little more pressure. I mean, but I felt like all the build-up was the pressure, and then once you got out there, it's just a baseball game again and having fun.

It was an awesome crowd. And, I mean, you can't really see anybody's faces because the yellow towels, but it was definitely a good experience, and I enjoyed it.

Q. I wanted to ask about watching Randy last night. I I'm sure you saw what he did last postseason from afar. What was it like seeing it in person and just kind of the energy he brought to the ballpark?

J.P. FEYEREISEN: I still, like, highlights seeing him steal home is just, like -- I still can't believe that he did that. But, yeah, I mean, postseason Randy is a different animal, and it's fun to watch. It's fun to be a part of his team because when you feel like you have the best guy in the postseason on your team, you got a good chance to win games.

Q. Hey, J.P. Kyle has such a great reputation for working with that entire staff. If you could share, what did he say to you to settle you down in that moment before you got Devers and then Renfroe?

J.P. FEYEREISEN: He just said, hey, stick to your strengths here, and you know what they are, and what Devers' weaknesses are and go get him. And basically just said we trust you in this situation, so go get the job done. Just full confidence.

Q. On that same end since it's your first playoff experience, what does that do, do you think, for your confidence going forward to have a moment like that?

J.P. FEYEREISEN: I think it's with our whole staff confidence-wise just knowing that they believe in me to go out there and get outs. I know I've kind of put myself in a sticky situation there, but for them to have the confidence in me to go and get the last couple outs in that inning and then allow me to get out in the next inning too shows a lot that what they feel for me and, I mean, gives me the boost going forward.

Q. Just going back to what you said before, like, everyone says that they know just treat it like the regular game, but did you have to mind trick yourself into that, or did somebody give you some advice? How do you actually convince yourself it's just like any other game?

J.P. FEYEREISEN: When you get out there, it's kind of like tunnel vision. You're just kind of focused on Z and the hitter and it kind of -- I mean, for me you can't even hear how loud the crowd is half the time because it's just, like -- it's blacked out basically.

Q. And then did you end up getting the ball from the final out or anything , or anything from the game?

J.P. FEYEREISEN: I didn't get the ball from the final. Wacha gave me a game ball, and, said "Hey, here you go. First postseason experience. Congratulations," and that was it. Yeah, it was fun.

Q. J.P., just big picture about this bullpen. We've heard from so long that relievers work best with traditional roles, knowing when they're going to pitch. How does this group thrive kind of in the opposite situation when anybody can pitch at any time?

J.P. FEYEREISEN: I just feel like top to bottom everyone in our pen is a stud and that makes it really easy, and, I mean, I think that the surprise factor of it actually kind of gives you an adrenaline rush and kind of takes away from, you know, the build-up of knowing when you are coming in the game.

I mean, it was definitely different, like first getting over here, but once you get used to it and knowing, hey, I could pitch the second inning, I could pitch the ninth inning, those go away, and you're just ready to go in all innings, and it kind of, like, I don't know, brings a different animal out of you.

Q. Keeping track of your former team and how they're going to be doing here through the first round and how interesting of a matchup could that be?

J.P. FEYEREISEN: Yeah, I mean, that's going to be definitely a fun matchup between those two teams. Kind of bummed for Suter because he is a great teammate, great player, and, I feel for him on it, but, yeah, I hope -- I mean, I wish him the best. Hopefully we face him in the World Series. I think that would be a lot of fun because I have a lot of really good friends on that team. So, yeah, I think it's going to be fun watching them play through the postseason too.

MODERATOR: J.P., continued success. Thanks for coming by.

J.P. FEYEREISEN: Thanks, guys.

MODERATOR: Appreciate it.

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