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October 8, 2021

Dusty Baker

Houston, Texas, USA

Minute Maid Park

Houston Astros

Pregame 2 Press Conference

Q. What about the pitching matchups today made you go with McCormick over Meyers?

DUSTY BAKER: Well, number one, McCormick has seen him before. He hasn't had a whole bunch of success. A lot of times I play not only the pitching matchup, but the defensive matchup. I went with McCormick because I have Framber on the mound the same reason that I have Álvarez in left field, because they don't usually get as much action when he's pitching as when other guys are pitching.

So I'm just doing what I've done all year long.

Q. With Álvarez in left field, how will you balance -- if it is a close game late, wanting your best defensive outfield out there but not wanting to take Yordan's bat out of the lineup?

DUSTY BAKER: That's a very good question. It's a matter of where we end up later in the game in the order of the lineup. If it looks like his bat's going to come up again in the eighth, ninth, or tenth or something like this -- and especially with the new rule that we're not putting a runner on second base. So in case you played 15 innings, you don't want to take his bat out of the lineup.

But I've got to take care of Michael at the same time. Álvarez enjoys playing the outfield. He enjoys playing the outfield especially when Framber's pitching because usually he doesn't get much action.

It's a very delicate balance because you don't want to weaken yourself offensively, but you want to at the same time strengthen yourself defensively.

Q. Earlier in the week, you said that Giolito had changed some things since you had him in Washington. What specifically have you seen him change?

DUSTY BAKER: He's changed his delivery some. Also, the coach, his pitching coach there was his high school coach, and his high school coach was also my son's college coach for a year or two at Cal before he came over to Chicago. So I remember talking to him before.

I can't divulge exactly what he said and changed because that would be a violation of the code of conduct between former teammates at one time. Even though he wasn't my teammate, he was on my son's team. But I'll probably tell our guys. (Laughter).

Q. Will the results of today's game affect who you're going to pitch in Game 3?


Q. Do you know who it is?


Q. Who is it?

DUSTY BAKER: Luis GarcĂ­a.

Q. Can you discuss what GarcĂ­a's done for you this year and what made you go with him?

DUSTY BAKER: We discussed it on what his repertoire of pitches and decided to go with him in Game 3. Unless something happens, probably go with Urquidy in Game 4. I trust my pitching coaches. It's been -- that was a big topic of discussion on who we were going to go with at Game 3.

So we decided that we'd go with GarcĂ­a.

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