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October 7, 2021

Walker Buehler

San Francisco, California, USA

Oracle Park

Los Angeles Dodgers

Workout Day Press Conference

Q. What was your reaction to Chris Taylor's home run and everything yesterday?

WALKER BUEHLER: Probably pretty similar to everyone else's. You get that deep into a game and that close something big has to happen for somebody to win and we're just fortunate and happy that it was on our side.

Q. How does a win like that have the ability to set the tone for this team in the rest of the postseason?

WALKER BUEHLER: Yeah, I mean, the playoffs are about momentum, and last night it certainly was one of those moment that can create that and help us going forward. So feel good about where we're at and getting ready to go tomorrow.

Q. For you personally how do you rely on the success that you've had in the postseason and just using those experiences to prepare you for your outing tomorrow?

WALKER BUEHLER: I mean, it's something that I've enjoyed playing in in the past couple years and had some success, so a little bit different playing a team in your division, so go out and see what we got and hope for the best.

Q. How do you prepare for a team you've faced six times already this season?

WALKER BUEHLER: Yeah, it's kind of two-fold, right? They know me and we know them. So not going to talk too much about it, but obviously look and see what we can change. The last one against them wasn't great, but felt good about the ones before that. So we'll figure it out.

Q. As a team do you guys welcome the chance to face the Giants in a series, just given how the regular season played out?

WALKER BUEHLER: Yeah, I mean, outside of it being a team we've played a lot, I think for us it's one of those things where we've had lot of success in our division and they had a special year, and I guess for us this is kind of the way to settle it.

But we're happy to be here and happy to still be in the playoffs and look forward to playing these five games.

Q. Was there a point, any point this year, that you sort of sensed the tide turning as far as like for the Giants starting to really be this type of team that could contend?

WALKER BUEHLER: I don't know if it was any one point in the year. Obviously we had a pretty good stretch for our team at the end of the year and they kept pace and it was close down there at the end. But it is what it is. We are here and we got to win three out of five.

Q. You mentioned the momentum thing. You guys have, the first time you guys played a wild card game, you didn't have that break. Do you think it could be a good thing that you played that game last night and kind of kept the rhythm?

WALKER BUEHLER: Yeah, I mean, if we didn't play last night you guys would be asking about the layoff. So I don't really, it kind of is what it is, it's part of our game and we feel good with the pitching that we have lined up and winning that way certainly helps, if you're going to play in that game, but we also would have been perfectly fine sitting at home for a couple days as well.

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