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December 3, 1998

Gianluca Pozzi


Q. What are you going to say that they're trying to slow the court? We heard from a foreign journalist that you say they are going to slow the court.

DIEGO NARGISO: What I said is that the technician of the court said that is impossible to put water on the court every day because it's an indoor court. They had already in mind to put the water on the court on Sunday night first, then on Wednesday night the last time. If not, the surface will be too slippery to play on. That's the only thing I said. It's the only thing somebody said to me. That's what I said to everybody. I didn't hide it from anybody. I just said whatever the technician say to me and to everybody. That's what I say.

Q. They always report it wrong. It's typical.

DIEGO NARGISO: It's typical of journalists in general.

Q. Paolo, maybe a couple of the players, talk about how special it is for you to be hosting this first final in Italy?

CAPTAIN BERTOLUCCI: I played four times out of Italy. This is our first final in Italy. This is very special. There is a lot of pressure around us, but it's much better to play at home than play in another country.

Q. It's really the same question, but to the two singles players, Mr. Sanguinetti, Mr. Gaudenzi, if they'd say how they feel about this occasion, the buildup there's been to the final.

ANDREA GAUDENZI: I think it's a very big occasion. As Paolo says, it's very special. I think what is going to make it very special is going to be the crowd and the 13,000 people cheering for us. That's going to be very, very special. I think the atmosphere will be great because the Italians support has always been great for us.

Q. Andrea, a question to you. How concerned are you about the fact that you haven't played since the semifinal in the United States because of your shoulder?

ANDREA GAUDENZI: Well, it's always a concern. Obviously, I'd be happier if I had played a lot of tournaments and won many matches. But that's not the case. I had a surgery. I prepare myself as best as I could. The only thing I can say, Davis Cup match is a different thing. Hopefully with the help of the crowd and everything, I'm going to get into the match very quickly.

Q. Davide, can you talk about your excitement playing in this final and also the pressure?

DAVIDE SANGUINETTI: We know there is a lot of pressure in the final. Especially, we are playing in Italy, so it's really, really -- I'm really more nervous. But as soon as we get on the court, I don't think I will be so nervous, after the five minutes warming up. Well, it's like a dream come true, we play in Italy, which is great. Is great for our tennis, we hope. I don't know. Is how Paolo say, is better to play in Italy than outside.

Q. Gianluca, this is probably going to be your last opportunity to be part of a Davis Cup final. I think you lost a bet with Mark Woodforde. Can you talk about that and just being part of it? Do you hope that possibly you could be one of the singles players on Sunday if the final is actually decided, actually be part as a player rather than the fourth member of the team?

GIANLUCA POZZI: First of all, I hope this won't be my last chance, because I'm still fit. I feel like I can play as well as ever. Hopefully we can do it again next year. I'm prepared for the final very well with the other guys. I'm ready for the finals. Hopefully it won't be necessary to step in on the third day. Hopefully there won't be any injuries. If that will be the case, I'll be ready to play. I like the surface. It's a bit faster than playing on outdoor clay. We'll see what happens.

Q. I know you have the home court advantage here, but obviously you're playing a country that's had a lot of success recently in Davis Cup. How do you realistically see your chances this weekend?

CAPTAIN BERTOLUCCI: I think Sweden has more chance than us, but was the same thing during the semifinals against the States. I'm sure we will try really hard because it's very important this match for us. As we know, it's the first time we play the final in Italy. Could be very important also for the tennis, not just for this final, but for the Italian tennis. I'm sure that we try. If we would be 1-All after the first day, I think we have a good chance.

Q. (Question not translated.)

DAVIDE SANGUINETTI: I've never played against the Swedish players, so it would be surprise for them to play against me. It's a dream come true. For me especially it's a pleasure to play as a national player.

ANDREA GAUDENZI: Paris is my first choice. I like to play in Davis Cup, but for me Paris, Roland Garros, is the best.

DIEGO NARGISO: When I was a kid, it was a dream to play for the national team. So for me it's very important to win Davis Cup.

GIANLUCA POZZI: For me, US Open is a dream for me, but I really like to play in Davis Cup final.

CAPTAIN BERTOLUCCI: Technically we don't have the double-faults. We have to be really careful to the Swedish team because they are very mentally tough. They are very concentrated on the final. Every single point counts on the Davis Cup final. Gustafsson usually make some errors more than Norman, so we'll see.

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