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October 7, 2021

Perrine Delacour

West Caldwell, New Jersey, USA

Mountain Ridge Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Perrine Delacour, 4-under 67. Another good round today. Take us through it.

PERRINE DELACOUR: Yeah, I play really solid. I been playing solid all pretty much last couple weeks. Just keep the momentum and then just trying my best every shot, every round.

This course is really good, so I really like it.

Q. We keep hearing this sentiment from a lot of players. It's sort of a major championship test out there. What is your strategy so far?

PERRINE DELACOUR: Yeah, you definitely since I came here (indiscernible - plane.) It's just the setup hope of the course make it feel major. Something about it feels like bigger purse, everything also, but it's just feeling like a major.

So just trying your best. I mean, it's going to be -- it's tough course for sure. Greens are hard. So you're just trying your best and hopefully make a lot of the birdies, too.

Q. It's been a little bit softer this week. Starting to harden up a little bit. How have you found that part of the course?

PERRINE DELACOUR: Yeah, it's definitely harder than the practice round. It's playing a little easier in the practice round because the balls go farther. We knew it's going to get drier and drier during the week so we have to get used to it and trying your best.

Q. This streak that you're on, what is causing you to play as well as you are right now?

PERRINE DELACOUR: It's just that I'm trusting more myself. Like I'm working with my coach, Chris Mason. He told me to have really good self-talk and belief in myself, so that's pretty much what I been doing, and I been trying hard and harder every week.

So, I mean, I'm seeing myself better like than before, so it's just help me like being -- playing good golf, too.

Q. We watch you and we say, How is she not winning 10 times? The ball-striking is pretty stout. Is there anything that we're missing?

PERRINE DELACOUR: The putting. The short game has always been my weakness part of my game. I'm getting better, but I still need to work harder and harder to get it -- of course get that trophy at the end of the week.

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