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May 19, 2001

Albert Portas

Q. Must be a thrilling day for you, wonderful performance?

ALBERT PORTAS: Yes, I think that I am playing very good this week. From one month and a half ago, from Estoril I think that I am playing great Tennis and I think that this tournament will be -- was better, a little bit better, I am playing with a lot of topspin with my forehand and I think that this is the reason of the results.

Q. Did the fact that how with it started to make a few unforced errors encourage you even more to go for your shots because you were going so freely for winners and scoring very well with them?

ALBERT PORTAS: So at the beginning I think that I started the match a little bit nervous, was semifinal for me, it was not easy at the beginning, but I think that after I play, just my game to him trying to move him and I think that he was a little bit, I think maybe a little bit tired, I don't know, for sure in the third set and I play with more easy --

Q. You were volleying so well today too, is that something you have been working on?

ALBERT PORTAS: Yes, I think that today I play with more volleys because he run a lot and he is a perfect player, he play with -- he has unbelievable legs. He is almost impossible for any winner, so you must do volleys to beat him in clay court.

Q. You said that you have been nervous today. Do you think that you will be nervous tomorrow or is that just nothing more to lose for you?

ALBERT PORTAS: I don't know, I don't know if tomorrow I will be nervous, so I am trying to start quiet, but I don't know, maybe -- I think that tomorrow the matches are best of five so I have more time to try my game.

Q. Are you usually a slow starter because today in the first set you looked the first couple of games and then of course the set was lost not so alert like--

ALBERT PORTAS: So I think at the beginning I tried to play more a little bit less aggressive than the other two because he played with his forehand. He played so with a shots like this (indicating going down). For me it was not easy. So I need like, I don't know, four, five games so get used to --

Q. How satisfying was the victory compared to the other wins over Grosjean and Norman, in particular?

ALBERT PORTAS: I think that I beat great players. I think that maybe today was my best result because he is a good player and also the (inaudible) not just in hard court because he is playing Davis Cup and here, semifinal here in Master Series, so I think that for me these are the best victory today.

Q. How do you propose to beat Ferrero because he is 16 matches beaten on clay, how are you going to go about?

ALBERT PORTAS: (Inaudible) I try to do my game and if he is playing better than me tomorrow, I give credit for him. I think that I can beat him, but it will be not easy. So play in Estoril, he played better than me and tomorrow I think that I am ready to beat him, why not.

Q. What is going to be your program from now on?

ALBERT PORTAS: So play next week, I have to go to St. Poelton because I was in the list (sic), after I play Roland Garros, after this I play one tournament before Wimbledon.

Q. Which one are you playing?


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