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October 7, 2021

Elizabeth Szokol

West Caldwell, New Jersey, USA

Mountain Ridge Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with Elizabeth Szokol. Had a 3-under 68 today. What was going so well for you out there?

ELIZABETH SZOKOL: I hit my irons really good today. Gave myself a lot of opportunities. Last week I didn't hit the best tee shots, so really worked on that coming into this week.

Fairways are definitely important. The rough is pretty penalizing. So hit a lot of fairways and had some good chances with my irons, which was great.

Q. Had a pretty colorful scorecard. Take us through the eagle on 15.

ELIZABETH SZOKOL: Sure. That was great. Had a good drive down the middle. I had 234 pin. Hit a solid 3-wood to about three feet and knocked it in for eagle, which was a fun way to start the round.

Q. Obviously Mountain Ridge, we've heard it's a little bit of a major championship vibes out there. How did you find the course today?

ELIZABETH SZOKOL: It definitely has that feel for sure. My first practice round out here, it definitely has major championships feels.

As I said, the rough is really penalizing, so emphasis on hitting fairways this week. So that kind of led to a little bit of a colorful scorecard. When I was in the fairway I had some good chances for birdie, otherwise it was definitely a grind to save par.

Q. It was softer earlier in the week. I'm curious, has it firmed up at all out there? And if it has, how has that changed the dynamic of the course?

ELIZABETH SZOKOL: Not quite. It was sit pretty soft out there today. Could definitely be aggressive with some iron shots and I had some shorter clubs in today, so could be aggressive with certain pins, but definitely have to play smart with some pin placements out there today.

Q. Any adjustments heading into tomorrow to continue your good play?

ELIZABETH SZOKOL: Just going to hit a few balls on the range, make sure I keep hitting fairways, roll a few putts. I definitely had a lot of chances, so hope to see a few more go in tomorrow.

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