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October 5, 2021

Aaron Boone

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Fenway Park

New York Yankees

Pregame Press Conference

Q. Just walk us through the roster and lineup decisions.

AARON BOONE: Well, yeah. Anyone specifically?

Q. Well, Allen and Brantly and then --

AARON BOONE: I mean, with Brantly, first of all, just this is unique in that it's not a series, it's one game. So obviously gives you a little more possibility of adding a position player or two, more than you would for a series, say. So having the third catcher, some value there just as far as if you want to be aggressive pinch running in a situation or pinch hitting, you kind of have that coverage.

And Greg Allen is a guy obviously that when he was up with us this year played really well with us, has had a really good year in AAA, just does a lot of things well. Outstanding defensive outfielder, runs the bases really well, switch hitter to gives us some protection there. So just a good player that deserved to be here and could fill a lot of potential roles, especially late in the game.

Q. And leading off Rizzo, Gio at third, Velazquez at short?

AARON BOONE: Yeah. So, obviously, with DJ going down, lost our leadoff hitter. And considered going with Gleyber again today because I feel like he's looked good up there. But really just valuing Gleyber in the middle of the order with our guys. And wanting Rizzo and Judge and Stanton up there as much as possible and Gallo. And just having Gleyber in the middle, I feel like those are the guys that get on base. Hopefully, there's opportunities for him, and he's a guy I definitely want up with some runners on base. So that was the decision there to go with him.

And then Gio is doing pretty well actually, all things considered. We took him out a couple hours ago pregame and did some agility things, took ground balls. Actually went pretty well. But just felt like -- especially with third being his natural position, I just felt -- because he's not quite 100 percent. I just felt more comfortable having him at least start the game at third, go with the defense with Squid at shortstop. But with a fuller bench, could be aggressive early in the game with a pinch hit or something, which may put Gio right back in play moving, and he's in a good enough spot to do that.

Q. When you told Velazquez he was starting, what was that conversation like for a guy that means a lot to?

AARON BOONE: I mean, I think you guys have got to experience at least a little bit of his personality. Bronx kid. He's a gamer. He's living the dream playing for his hometown team. And, obviously, he's had some big moments for us this year. He's played well for us. So I didn't even necessarily have a conversation with him to tell him. He knows he's on this team and part of this team and ready to go.

Q. Aaron, you know very well how this rivalry can kind of change your life. As you send these guys out there tonight, how excited are you for the opportunity that they can have in this kind of stage with the memories that have been made in Yankees/Red Sox one-game situations?

AARON BOONE: Look, I think we have a group of guys that love playing when the stakes are high. And I feel like the last couple of months have prepared us pretty well for this. Whatever happens tonight, I feel like we're going to walk out there and play our game and play with confidence. And that's because I think these guys do relish playing in this rivalry, playing with everything on the line against a really good team. I think they're all really excited to do that.

Q. Aaron, with Rizzo coming over, obviously, in addition to his talents playing on the field, the experience he had on winning a World Series with the Cubs under the biggest spotlight there could be during that time, how much is that like another tool for a player like that, especially coming into the playoffs now?

AARON BOONE: It is another tool. He has that way about him, that presence. I've loved having him here. Obviously, he's a really good player, but he's just a really good presence about him. He's a low maintenance gamer, likes to play, likes when it's big, you know. But you'd never know. Like, he's kind of himself all the time, kind of funny and laid back and makes some comments, look around, enjoy this. But also has a lot of confidence, and I think like a lot of our guys really likes playing when the stakes are high.

So I think there's no question that he's had a positive impact outside the lines in our room with our group and has really been entrenched in our culture and with our guys. I feel like the conversations they have amongst each other and how they prepare, he's right in the middle of all that.

Q. Aaron, no matter what happens tonight, there's going to be another chapter in this rivalry. And you're obviously a big part of that from one swing in '03. That would have been a huge moment whoever it was against. But the fact that it was against Boston. Someone tonight might have a similar moment. What does that extra layer of baseball history mean, sort of in your legacy, in that moment?

AARON BOONE: Well, just from my experience, you know, in 2003 when I came over in the trade deadline, I mean, we were two powerhouses at that time, right? So I got a taste of the rivalry almost right away in August. You know, my first trip to Fenway, you kind of see, oh, this is another level. This is pretty cool.

And then you go on to get to the World Series and have a moment in that game. There's no question that on just a surface level or even superficial level, it changed things for me a little bit just in how people shared that moment with me that I had never met before. But I've had hundreds of people that always stop you and now know you for that. I don't want to say for better or for worse, but people feel like they know you from that. It kind of, to the public, defines you a little bit.

So I think as you get away from it, you step back, I think I have a strong appreciation for having a moment in such an amazing sports rivalry that I'm appreciative of that. And, yeah. Maybe someone else will have a moment, hopefully for the Stripers.

Q. Kind of a natural follow-up. Bucky Dent flew from Florida to here to attend the game. Have you been in touch with him?

AARON BOONE: I haven't seen him or talked to him yet, but hopefully I can connect with him before the game. One of the reasons I know Bucky now a little bit is I guess our connection. We've thrown out first pitches together. We've done signings together. We have that sort of bond together. Right?

Q. The middle name?

AARON BOONE: Yeah. Middle name together. So that's been cool for me to get to know him a little bit. Such a good dude too. And for me growing up in the game and a fan of the game, I knew who Bucky Dent was, you know, playing in the '70s and '80s. So, yeah, that's a cool connection.

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