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October 2, 2021

Joakim Lagergren

St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland

Quick Quotes

Q. Very little done wrong today, just that dropped shot on the last. But all in all, a day you must feel proud of?

JOAKIM LAGERGREN: Absolutely. And the dropped shot on the last, I mean, if felt like we played it for a five there. I was hitting driver, maybe 220, 230 metres off the tee, and then a 3 with left in. So it was a tough finishing hole. But accept that. It was really, really good.

Q. You've got full memories of this golf course and of this tournament, a top five finish here in 2019, I think you were tied third?

JOAKIM LAGERGREN: Yeah. And then I got another two top fives here, 2015 and '16.

So I've been doing good here. Couple 10-under rounds here at Kingsbarns, so, I mean, I love this place.

Q. What is it that's been so difficult about today with the challenges? I know the weather's been blowing a bit. I don't know how hard you had the wind. Some of the other courses have been suffering.

JOAKIM LAGERGREN: Yeah, I mean, it felt like it was quite tough the first couple of holes this morning, and then it came back on like 13 for us. And so we had a stretch here in the middle with nine holes, which was really scoreable, but it was a tough challenge coming into the last five, six holes.

Q. Old Course, St Andrews is going to be sunny and hopefully a little bit drier for you. Thoughts going into tomorrow?

JOAKIM LAGERGREN: Yeah, hopefully stays dry. I mean, it's really tough hitting drives in this kind of wet, windy conditions. I think usually you slip enough the face a little bit, and I'm missing in right a little bit. So hopefully it's going to be dry tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it.

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