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October 2, 2021

Ewen Ferguson

St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland

Quick Quotes

Q. You went another bogey-free round, this time a 69 here at Kingsbarns. Tell us your feelings as you've come off the course, knowing where you're standing on the leaderboard.

EWEN FERGUSON: Honestly, I two-putted the last, so I'm feeling a little bit angry about that. But overall I'm feeling fantastic. My game is in a really good place. I feel the team I've got around me right now that I can assemble at the start of the year is just amazing. My coach has been here this week as well, and we've been working really hard together. My caddie, Shane, been on Tour for a long, long time.

And there was a lot of things at these courses that I even didn't know. So it's been great, and I'm just going to try and see what I can keep doing, hopefully can keep making some birdies.

Q. What is the one thing, if you can put it down to one thing, why you're showing this great run of form this week? Is it having your coach around you, obviously being on Scottish soil, fans are about the place, or knowing, if not as much as you'd like, the courses pretty well?

EWEN FERGUSON: I don't know the courses as well as you think. And it's not just this week. I've been playing really well in Challenge Tour as well.

So it's just another golf course you're trying to tackle at the end of the day. I mean, it's a bigger stage, but it's still the ball and you against the field and the course.

So it's not just this week, I've been playing really well all year, and I'm not surprised to see myself doing well. And having so many good -- well, really good friends that are Scottish people like doing so well on Tour as well, it just makes you practice behind closed doors when no one's watching really hard because you're so inspired by them.

Q. It is a different format this weekend, obviously it's a bit more relaxed. You've got a playing partner this week in the form of Brad. What it's like knowing, well, that you guys at the moment are top of that group stage?

EWEN FERGUSON: Brilliant, honestly. We get on so well, and Brad is -- I don't know what his handicap. Today he was unbelievable. And I was playing with Nico Colsaerts, and every shot Brad had people couldn't stop laughing because it was that good into wind and he was just like flighting iron shots to like 10 feet. And it was unreal.

So I'm really enjoying being with him, and hopefully we can just keep the momentum going, enjoy the Sunday round, the Old Course, which I think is going to pretty hard not to do.

Q. How are you going to approach the Sunday round, the Old Course? Obviously we're going to have hopefully some better weather. It's not going to be rainy, and you're going to have a lot more fans following both you and Brad?

EWEN FERGUSON: I'm looking forward to it. I really enjoyed that aspect of it, and I'm quite enjoying that part of being with Brad as well. Having everyone watching and stuff like that, it's makes things quite special.

And I'm not going to approach it any differently, just the same as I did on the first day. But I know it's going to be a really memorable week and just a really memorable time, and all these courses I'll remember forever, just playing these courses and my first time at then Dunhill.

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