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June 6, 2003

Hal Sutton


TODD BUDNICK: Thank Hal Sutton for joining us, 2-under, 69. 5-under, one back of the clubhouse leader. You're coming in with back-to-back top-10s with your last two starts. You're playing very well lately.

HAL SUTTON: My game has really been coming around, I'm hitting the ball nicely, keeping the ball in play all the time. And putting the ball nicely, too. The greens are great, here, in fact they're the best I've ever seen them. So if you can get the ball on the green with an adequate front, you've got a chance to make it.

TODD BUDNICK: With all the weather we've had, it looks hard to score out there.

HAL SUTTON: We've got some wind up there that's breezy. And the ground is saturated. Seems like the ground is moving under you, when you're swinging at it. So the water tables are pretty high around here right now, I think. So -- and this breeze makes it a little difficult. They get some of the pins tucked, and get this breeze, you're not sure exactly where it's been headed. It's been moving around a little bit, too, which makes it even more difficult.

Q. Hal, what particular part of your game has come around for you the last few weeks?

HAL SUTTON: Well, I've driven the ball good all year long, but I haven't hit good irons, and I've really worked hard and my iron game is beginning to come around. And I'm hitting 75 or 80 percent of the greens now, instead of 60 percent of the greens, and that makes a big difference. The greens that I'm hitting I'm getting much better birdie putts, too. So I'm probably not driving any better now than I have been all year, I'm just hitting a lot better iron shots.

Q. In your estimation what kind of (inaudible) --?

HAL SUTTON: They've got some rough. For the most part you'd have to hit a pretty bad shot off the tee to get it in the rough off the tee. The ball is not going anywhere. So if you land it in the fairway, it stays in the fairway. You're getting some of these shots around the greens where you have to play it out of the deep stuff. The greens have -- they're speedy in certain places. You have to really watch it here, from above the hole. So I mean that part of it is somewhat --.

Q. Hal, how do you feel this golf course plays for you? Is it natural for your game? Does the golf course set up well for your game?

HAL SUTTON: I like this golf course, I think it sets up good for my game. You've got to be a good iron player here, you have to get it on the right spot on the green to have a putt at it. And you have to drive it good certain times, to get the right kind of shot into the green. So I like the golf course.

Q. Talk about the weather this week. You had the blustery conditions, you had the rain earlier, they're expecting a lot of rain tomorrow. Sun, rain, sun, rain, back and forth, all that kind of stuff?

HAL SUTTON: We can't control the weather, you know. The golf course is showing -- like I said, it's awful wet. We don't need my more. The spectators probably would like to see the rain stay away, and so would the golfers. But we'll just have to cope with whatever we're dealt.

TODD BUDNICK: Thank you.

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