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September 29, 2021

Garrett Rank

Siasconset, Massachusetts, USA

Sankaty Head Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Your reflections on today's match?

GARRETT RANK: Didn't have my best stuff but hung in there, competed, had a chance to send it to 18, and was happy with how I played. It was tough with the different wind, and it was kind of a little colder than it's been all week. Didn't get off to a great start, but fought back, and I'm just happy with how I played.

Q. Talk about how that north wind changed the course today.

GARRETT RANK: Yeah, kind of just directly opposite to what we had in stroke play and the first couple matches. All the holes that played -- I shouldn't say easy, but downwind earlier this week played into the wind today, so it was kind of like a harder start than it was this past week, and then kind of got easier as you got into 8, 9, 10, 11 played a lot easier -- 12 played a lot easier than they had earlier in the week.

Q. The back nine was good to you all week; didn't seem to be quite as good to you today.

GARRETT RANK: Yeah, I was down going to the back nine and got it back to even. I didn't make any mistakes, but he just made a couple of birdies, and at this level and this deep in this tournament you're not going to win with pars.

Q. What's next for you?

GARRETT RANK: It's hockey season. I've got a game on Saturday. I've played a lot of golf this summer. Probably won't play for a couple months now, but maybe play the Jones Cup in February and then we'll get back after it next May and June.

Q. Speaking of hockey now, full-time for a couple years now. How many games is that now in a regular season?

GARRETT RANK: Believe it or not, I'm going into my eighth year, so time has flown by. I'm the senior guy now on some of the crews, which is pretty mindboggling and funny. But 72 games a year, plus or minus a couple, depending on travel and injuries or whatnot. It's like two, three games a week.

Q. Do you ever get lucky and get to sneak out on the Florida Swing and maybe get a couple holes in?

GARRETT RANK: Yeah, if I'm in Florida or in Scottsdale, Arizona, the warmer climates, I try and play. I probably play like five to ten fun rounds of golf in the wintertime.

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