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September 26, 2021

Matt Fitzpatrick

Kohler, Wisconsin, USA

Whistling Straits

Quick Quotes

Sunday Singles Matches

MATT FITZPATRICK: It was a good match, scrappy at times, but we played some really good golf towards the end. You know, it's been an amazing week. I know it's not the result that we all wanted, but you know, like we shared winning in Paris, and I've won a Ryder Cup, lost a Ryder Cup, and been on each team. The only difference was the result. Being part of Team Europe is the most amazing thing on the planet, and I love my whole team from players, vice captains, backroom staff. It's all very, very special.

Q. Do you sometimes have to tip your hat sometimes?

MATT FITZPATRICK: Yeah, it was an amazing week. They played great, and they are an amazing bunch of players. You know, but we just have to look past that. Losing absolutely stinks, we all hate it. But there's memories of a lifetime.

And you know, like I say, I've been around winning teams, and I've been on a losing team. Aside from the results, they are equally as incredible and the people you share it with is just amazing.

Q. Tell us about the man who has been driving the bus in Pádraig.

MATT FITZPATRICK: Amazing Pádraig. Amazing career for him. I know how much we all wish we could have done more for him. But he's been a humongous part of our year and this week, and he has actually played a role in a lot of our careers, watching him win majors and everything. I know we all wish we could have done more for him, but he's still an amazing guy and an amazing captain.

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