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September 3, 1998

Sarah Pitkowski


Q. Sarah, Asa Carlsson, she seemed to be a lot less competition -- I saw you wave to one of your friends -- more than yesterday --

SARAH PITKOWSKI: Two days ago, Habsudova.

Q. Are you getting stronger or is this less competition?

SARAH PITKOWSKI: Habsudova was the better player I think. Today, I mean, I knew she was not playing so well. If I had to compare with Habsudova and maybe I was more tight, you know. More nervous because I knew it was really a good match for me for this round, so I had trouble to be more relaxed than I have to be usual. It made a very difficult match in my mind, not with the game. Score was pretty easy, but whole game was pretty close. I let her come back in all game. I was winning most of the game 15-40 or 40-15, and every time I let her coming back in the game, and that was really all of my fault in this match. But anyway, I have another match to think about, so I will forget this one.

Q. What's going good for you here at the U.S. Open; what's your strongest points here?

SARAH PITKOWSKI: Now, I am a little bit used to the shuffles -- the ball, because the Bronx helped me a lot. That's what I explained to you before, that's helped me a lot. Because if I don't feel good on the court -- if I don't feel good, I have still a lot of matches behind me, so that's more easier when you try to speak with your mind, speak to you on the court. It's more easier when you are used to. It's coming more easier if you say keep cool, more relaxed because you play more matches. That's helped me a lot to be more relaxed on the court. I needed these five matches at the Bronx so I could be more stronger on the tough points, on the close game and like this, I can win these two matches.

Q. You told me specifically up in the Bronx that you came -- one of the reason you played up there was to get used to the balls. How much has it helped you, can you be specific with some of the things that helped you about playing in the Bronx?

SARAH PITKOWSKI: I am not going to tell you the ball, but that's kind of everything. More you play on the same surface, the same ball, the same heat, your body is used to all of these things, you know. I can compare that to a car from one. You have to work on your body every day, so when all these things around you is used to it's more easier to fight and you have nothing that can disturb you on the court because you know you have more reflex, you know how the ball is going to go. These few things, if you have that, you feel more stronger. I think that's a good point.

Q. Going into round 16 here at the U.S. Open, have you surprised yourself or are you sure of yourself?

SARAH PITKOWSKI: I didn't have to think about this tournament because I said my preparation is very good, I have more better preparation for this U.S. Open. So when I played my first match and if I was losing, I did everything I could. Not thing I didn't play enough matches I didn't practice enough I didn't make enough points with some players. I just had to play, because everything behind me was okay.

Q. You were prepared mentally and physically?

SARAH PITKOWSKI: Yeah. So when you are prepared you don't have to think. Your mind is okay. You have to just fight on the court and run and catch every ball. You have nothing that can disturb you on the court. I couldn't ask for better preparation. So I just tried to win another match and another match. So I just tried to do my best.

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