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September 25, 2021

Jordan Spieth

Justin Thomas

Kohler, Wisconsin, USA

Whistling Straits

Quick Quotes

Saturday Morning Foursomes

Q. You guys get it together, you're almost like brothers-in-arms, playing junior golf for a long time together and know each other very well. How do you manage to do that sort of stuff?

JORDAN SPIETH: Getting to 3-down is tough. 2-down you feel like you can go on a quick run and get things back to even but 3-down, I think the percentages go way down. But luckily it was only through six holes, and I knew if we played the last 12-under par that we would have a chance in this wind, and I think we did that just barely.

You know, those guys had a few putts that they missed that Sergio and Rahm were holing yesterday on us. We felt like we played good golf for the two rounds of foursomes and at least deserved one point, so glad to get it today.

JUSTIN THOMAS: I don't think any of us really expect anything. We just expect to go out and play well. Strick deserves a lot of credit thus far. He has a lot of really good players, talented players and a lot of options.

We are all good friends and know each other's games, and sometimes that makes it a harder job. He does a great job like he did a couple years ago at the Presidents Cup, just asking us and letting us go play golf. I'm proud of everybody.

Q. I know it's meaningful for you, all 12 Americans have earned at least half a point here at The Ryder Cup. How much of a team effort have you guys put into this?

JORDAN SPIETH: I would say pretty similar to other Ryder Cups as well. We are playing really good golf as a team. Everybody is pretty confident in each other.

And I think we said it from the get-go, we have all known each other for a long time. Other than a couple of us, we have known each other since high school or even grade school. We are having a blast off the course and that's feeding into the lightness in our rounds, as well.

Q. How meaningful is it for you to not just play with Jordan but succeed with Jordan here?

JUSTIN THOMAS: It means a lot because, first off, we probably need to for the amount of grief we give Strick for wanting to play together. We just have a lot of confidence in each other. We know each other's games which means a lot in terms of asking questions and whatnot.

It's so fun. We said walking up here, it's so fun battling with each other, and I'm glad we can get a full point because we actually played a lot better yesterday and ran into a bit of a buzzsaw, but we grinded it out today.

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