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September 25, 2021

Sergio Garcia

Jon Rahm

Kohler, Wisconsin, USA

Whistling Straits

Quick Quotes

Q. Every point points, given how you started the day, what does that point mean to you?

JON RAHM: It means a lot. You know, it's a long race, and even though we're 3-down early, at any point in the match, you want to be down with three holes early because you have 15 to make up. We got going and starting on 6 we kind of woke up and that's when we started playing some good golf. Besides a couple mistakes here and there, in the windy conditions and the cold, we played unbelievable and took advantage of the moments we had and a couple breaks our way, and that's why we won.

Q. Pivotal moment for you?

SERGIO GARCIA: For me it was the tee shot on 5 because I finally found my swing again. When it comes to the match, the 7th hole was big. 7 was big because they missed a good opportunity to go 3-up, and then the putt I made on 8, that really got me going. But obviously I needed a bit more than he did, and obviously we got on a great stretch of holes with birdies, chip-ins and good shots and it was a great time.

Q. Talk about the grit of coming back from something like that?

JON RAHM: The few positives with we weren't playing our best golf, and we lost 1 and 2 with birdies and were never really in it to begin with. And then if you're going to be down early at some point, obviously better to be down three early than later on in the match. So we had plenty of holes to start playing good and hopefully get that momentum back.

Played a couple good holes and I think on 7 when Daniel missed that putt, the momentum shifted and when we started playing some good golf and made some shots, that was the difference.

Q. You're a stalwart in this event and have won more points than anybody in the history of European Ryder Cup golf. How significant was it for you to get out early and get a point on the board for your team knowing what happened yesterday being down four coming into the second day?

SERGIO GARCIA: It was important, but we need more. What we did is not enough, not the situation we are. We are hoping that our troops rally hard in those last few holes because we need a little shift. If not, it's going to become a big uphill battle. So very proud of the way we played obviously on the personal side. So happy and thrilled to play with Jon, and the way I felt the two days in how we pushed each other and helped each other. Just excited about the golf we played.

Q. You now have the most match wins in the history of The Ryder Cup with 24. What is it about this event that you love so much?

SERGIO GARCIA: I don't know, I just love it. I love being next to my partner. I love hugging him. I love pushing him. I love cheering for him and I love him cheering for me and things like that.

Really, it drives me on those moments when I need to do something extraordinary to get going and I've been fortunate to do it for many years and I'm so proud to be a part of Team Europe.

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