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September 24, 2021

Brooke Matthews

Rogers, Arkansas, USA

Pinnacle Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Can you give me a little bit of background knowledge. How did you play today? What did you score?

BROOKE MATTHEWS: Yeah, I shot 4-under. It was good. Overall really solid. Got off to a little bit of a slow start. Missed a few birdie tries.

Made a really good up and down on hole 5, ended up birdieing 6, and then, yeah, made some good putts on the back.

Q. So what were some of the challenges of today's course?

BROOKE MATTHEWS: Yeah, today the greens are really fast. They were a lot faster than when I played last year. They're running amazing, so you could call that a challenge I guess.

But then the wind started to pick up on the back nine, and I think it's going to a big factor coming in today in the afternoon rounds. Yeah, the course is in amazing shape and offers a good challenge.

Q. So this was just day one. What are you looking forward to the next two days?

BROOKE MATTHEWS: Yeah, just keep the same game plan really. I feel like I know this course. Played it a bunch of times. Just stick to my game but try not to change it just because it's a professional event. Just trust what I know.

Me and my caddie, I know we have a good plan, and just go out there, stay aggressive but also play really smart.

Q. Great. So you graduated from the university?

BROOKE MATTHEWS: No, this is actually my fifth year. I'm taking my COVID year, so I will graduate, be finished with my degree in December.

Q. Can you tell me about you're super senior, right?


Q. And playing alongside the best people in the world. How has it been?

BROOKE MATTHEWS: It's been awesome. Every time I get a chance to play with a professional like just try to learn as much as I can from their games and even how they handle themselves.

I got to play with Jodi Ewart Shadoff today. She's kind of a vet out here and someone I've looked up to, so that was really cool.

Yeah, just playing my game but also taking advantage of the opportunities.

Q. What about having the support of you're in Rogers, your hometown. How has it been that way?

BROOKE MATTHEWS: It's been amazing. I saw a lot of family and friends out there supporting me today. That's always fun. Once you make a couple putts it kind of gets you -- kind of start feeling the energy.

It's just been awesome. I'm so thankful for the support I've had around here.

Q. Anything else you would like to add?


Q. I got a couple for you. You shot 25-under in the Cougar Classic recently. Yesterday you mentioned how you might not be able to shoot that, but you did start off with a low number today. What did you prove to yourself coming out in an LPGA setup and shooting a low number?

BROOKE MATTHEWS: Yeah, obviously I was a little nervous this morning, so just showing myself that I can overcome that and get comfortable on the biggest stage possible really was something that I think will be good for my confidence going into the rest of week and also in my future.

Q. You know three-day tournaments well, probably more so than the LPGA players out here. Can you take some of that knowledge into the next couple days to help you continue to hopefully climb the leaderboard?

BROOKE MATTHEWS: Yeah, for sure. Three days are what I'm kind of used to, at least at this stage of my career. Yeah, I guess moving day tomorrow. Just keep the pedal down, keep trying to make birdies, don't really look at the cut line, just stay aggressive, and just kind of play how I want to play.

Q. Do you remember the last time you played out here before this week?

BROOKE MATTHEWS: Yeah. I played I think it was a couple months ago. I been really busy traveling. Yeah, played out here with some of my teammates so that was really fun.

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