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September 24, 2021

Justin Thomas

Jordan Spieth

Kohler, Wisconsin, USA

Whistling Straits

Press Conference

Friday Morning Foursomes

Q. Justin, Jordan, you guys got down early and had to dig out of a little bit of a hole. Did that change your mindset, your strategy?

JORDAN SPIETH: In alternate-shot, you're just trying to hit greens in regulation and give yourself putts. I think we could wager anything we could on who is going to make more putts, us or them there, we would have wagered us and caught a lot of lips, and they made about 150 feet of putts.

So sometimes you run into a buzzsaw. I think the only missed green in regulation you had was 17, and even that was on line and shouldn't have been a missed green.

Played well. Would have won a lot of matches the way we played today.

JUSTIN THOMAS: I agree. That's part of this format and this tournament, you're not playing against the field. You're playing against the guys you're playing against. It's one of those days or one of those matches where things didn't go our way and things went their way, and that's why we lost.

And if we play like that the rest of our matches that we have in our lifetime, I think we'll be just fine because I know we are both better putters than that. And we hit a lot of good putts, just hit in a lot of spots that wasn't too makeable with tough reads.

Q. Can you describe, from your point of view, you almost ended up in the lake?

JORDAN SPIETH: I guess so. I'd like to say, I don't think I exaggerated that fall, you know how steep that is. Once I started moving, I was like, I've got to keep moving until I find a flat spot.

Yeah, it's kind of one of those shots that you practice as a kid for fun, and you don't ultimately want to have it. And the chances of it going there, you could roll a thousand balls off the green, and it's not going it stay where it was.

I hit like a 52-degree because a 60 might have gone over the back of my head, and you know, just tried to flick it right underneath and hit it as hard as I could, as high as I could. You know, it ended up right on a crown where it was a tough putt, and I think it's maybe a situation, first one in wins, and we just kind of got a really tough break there.

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